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Barbaros Episode 27 English Subtitles

Gabriel walked up to Oruc, Hzr in Barbaros Episode 27 English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV, and Piri Reis just as they were ready to continue besieging Modon and urged them to stop the besieging of the city. They complied with Gabriel’s request. Gabriel had posed as a friend and introduced them to Shahbaz so that he could gain their trust and access to further information. His goal was to find out more about what was going on. Gabriel and Shahbaz gave the order to their warriors to launch an attack while disguised as Muslim slaves so that they would not fall into the trap that they had set for themselves in Kelemez through the utilisation of lyas. This was done so that Gabriel and Shahbaz would not have to face the consequences of falling into the trap. They were successful in catching the prey they had set their sights on as a result of this.

Barbaros Episode 27 English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV

Isabel was the one who was fatally shot and killed as a result of the assault because she had leapt in front of Oruc, whom Shahbaz had been pointing his rifle at at the time of the assault. Oruc was the intended target of the assault. After slipping and collapsing into Oruc’s arms, will Isabel finally pass away and leave this world? Will it be feasible for Ahin, who was injured when he tried to stop Ahbaz, to exact revenge for his father and Ahsenem if he continues his pursuit of that goal? What kind of retribution would Ilyas mete out to the guys who, at first glance in Barbaros Episode 27 English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV, seemed to be Muslim captives but turned out to be spies after he realised his mistake? What kind of retribution will the Messiah Pasha mete out to Oruc, Hzr, and lyas as a consequence of their disobedience in the aftermath of this heinous crime?


Barbaros Episode 27 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV

Serie: Barbaros

Episode Title: Barbaros Episode 27 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2022-04-14