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Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles

Our first scene shows Osman making a new sword for Aybars who is Bamsi’s son. Bamsi was his father’s best friend and Aybars is like a brother to Osman. Soon Aybars will be married and the sword will be a wedding gift for him. Osman swears to Bamsi that his father’s flag and the new sword will be taken all over the world to create a new country for his people.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles, Dundar Bey (who is Ertugrul’s brother) leads the tribe at the present time. The tribe has lived in peace for 25 years.

Aybars leaves the village with Osman to deliver carpets, furs, and weapons to Tekfur who is the ruling Lord of the land and lives in Kuluchaiser Castle. The gifts are to cement a new agreement as previously arranged by Ertugrul and are to be signed by Dundar Bey. Aybars leaves his beautiful Burcin who is his fiancee to wait until his return for their wedding.

Osman is against giving gifts and signing Agreements and would much prefer to attack the Castle than give the Lord gifts of handmade swords just the keep the peace.

Osman, Dundar Bey, Gunduz, and the Kais reach Kuluchaiser Castle and are greeted by Tekfur, his wife Sofia, and the protector of the Castle, Commander Kalonos. Osman feels uncomfortable and notices suspicious armed men on the ramparts.

It is not long before an attempt is made on their lives but the assassins escape.

Aliser Bey who is Lord of the neighboring land of Itinge is against a new agreement being signed by the Kais. He is not happy that the assassin’s attempt to stop the Agreement from being signed had failed.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles, The Kais and Lord Tekfur gather together in the Royal chambers. Dundar Bey demands Tekfur find the ones responsible for trying to kill him. Tekfur tells him that as recompense he will sign any Agreement that the Kais present to him. This is obviously not what Commander Kalonos wants. His attempt to dissuade Tekfur is noticed by Osman.

Osman is given permission to go over the border searching for groups of raiding bandits. Commander Kalonos has not been able to catch the bandits. He is not the only one not happy, Dundar Bey feels jealousy when Tekfur gives the mission of catching the bandits to Osman. He sees this action as ignoring his leadership and going over his head.

Sofia, the wife of Tekfur, is quite devious and evil. She slits the throats of the two assassins that failed to kill Osman and Dundar Bey. She once again sends her assassins to finish the job and kill Osman.

Meanwhile, Osman and Aybars leave the castle on their horses not knowing of the danger. Osman tells Aybars that one day there will be a war on the land they are living on and a new State will rise out of his dreams.

A little further on the two Kais are ambushed by a group of bandits with the intent only of killing Osman. The bandits are heavily armed and outnumber the two men significantly. Aybars is critically wounded in the fight with Osman being left for dead and lying in a pool of muddy water.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles, His magnificent horse tries to come to his rescue.

Osman is found by two women who help him to regain consciousness. One woman, in particular, cleans the mud from his face and places him in a position where he can reach his horse as he regains consciousness. Osman can see her beautiful face as she tends to him and then as in a vision she is gone.

Osman regains strength and goes in search of Aybars. He finds his brother barely alive and carries him to his horse and makes his way home.

Drums begin pounding at the gates of the Kayi village alerting all inside that men are approaching. When they see that it is Osman and he is carrying Aybars who is severely injured, they begin to grieve. Aybar dies in the arms of his father and with his last breath seeks his blessing. Burcin is broken-hearted and blames Osman for her sweetheart’s death. Osman asks Bamsi to forgive him for not protecting his son.

Bamsi loves Osman and tells him not to shed a tear. There will be time for revenge. Bamsi lifts his dead son in his arms and carries him to his tent. He addresses the tribe and tells them that his son is now blessed by the Prophet Mohammad and today is a holy day because he has become a father of a martyr.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles, The two women stopped to help Osman arrive at Kuluchaiser Castle. They look to be on a mission. They enter the Chapel and meet a Monk who is waiting for them. They’ve come to the castle with a secret password and they are looking for holy relics.

Meanwhile back within the Kayi tribe Dundar Bey rips into Osman and blames him for killing Aybars. Osman will not accept the condemnation or shame placed on him by Dundar Bey. He confronts Dundar Bey and tells him that he will revenge on his brother’s murder proudly as his father before he would. Dundar Bey’s accusations enrage Osman to the point that he could kill his Uncle. Feeling his rebellion Dundar Bey threatens him with death if he disobeys him.

Commander Kalonos and Sofia love each other and keep their affair a secret from Tekfur. Sofia is a bit of a Sorceress and delves into darkness. She is also responsible for ambushing Osman and Aybars.

The beautiful girl that helped Osman in the muddy water sits on the side of her bed in Kuluchaiser Castle dreaming of the strong handsome warrior she saved and keeps visualizing his face. She wonders who he is and why she cannot get him out of her mind.

Aybars is laid to rest with much mourning and straight after the funeral, Bamsi Bey gives Osman his son’s sword which Osman made for him as a wedding present. He tells him to use this sword as a weapon of revenge. Osman is only too happy to take it. He promises Bamsi to take his revenge. Bamsi then gives Osman and his Alps his blessing for their bravery and sends them on their way to look for the murderers.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles, Osman is beginning to feel strength and power which is drawing him to a far greater calling. He carefully makes plans for his revenge. His first task is to enter Kuluchaiser Castle in secret and speak with Tekfur. Gain access to the Castle will not be easy. He has to go in anonymously so Osman and his Alps obtain a horse and cart and hide in large barrels.

Meanwhile, Sofia rides deep into the mountains where a Sorcerer examines the bodies of animals and humans and carries out experiments. The Sorcerer is addressed by Sofia as Master Yannis and it is evident that she is one of his apprentices and she has learned her trade from him. All Master Yannis wants to hear from Sofia is only news of Ertugrul’s son, Osman.

She tells him that Osman is smarter than his father and has already begun to give them trouble. The Sorcerer orders the death of Tekfur that evening and he will have the soul of Kalonos. He also tells her that Osman will be killed just like Aybars.

Sofia returns to the Castle and aligns her planetary dome along with the moon and the stars. She prepares for a ceremony of some sort and prepares the room.

Osman has been successful in entering the Castle he dresses like a castle guard and makes his way to speak with Tekfur in his throne room. He makes Tekfur aware that the same bandits that tried to kill him when they came to sign the agreement had also been sent to kill him resulting in the death of Aybars. Osman believes the betrayal must have come from within the Castle walls. He warns him not to trust anyone and he must start by suspecting his own wife and Commander Kalonos.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles, Tekfur finds this news disturbing but when he sees his wife in the arms of Commander Kalonos he begins to believe the truth in Osman’s words. Kalonos strangles Tekfur to death while his wife looks on. They take his body and throw it out of a window. The body lands at the feet of Osman walking below in the street.

Osman can see the window from where the body fell. He climbs the steps to confront the murderer. He enters the room which belongs to Sofia and disturbs two women who are searching the room looking for hidden compartments in the walls and furniture.

He immediately recognizes the face of the girl who saved his life.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles, He tells the girl that he thought she was an angel when she saved his life but now he feels she is a murderer. The girls try with little success to fight Osman off but his strength is far greater than theirs and he captures his angelic enemy and places a knife at her throat.

He asks her, “Now tell me who is behind this angelic face?”

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 1 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2019-11-20