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Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles

The first scene opens with Osman galloping through the woods after his brother is attacked and critically wounded.

Meanwhile, Alisar Bey is in the new Bazaar pestering Bala Hatun and her father with his desire to take Bala Hatun as his wife. Bala puts him in his place and refuses his advances as did Sheik Edebali. Alisar Bey did not take the rejection well.

Master Yannis is in disguise and makes Alisar Bey believe that he is a fortune-teller called Abdul.

Alisar Bey tells Dundar Bey that he was responsible for wounding Gunduz because the Kais stole his gold. Dundar Bey sticks up for Osman and the Kais and the two Beys very nearly were drawn into a fight. Alisar Bey warns him that he is the Sanjak-Bey.

Later that day in Dundar Bey’s nomad there is a council of elders from many tribes discussing the possible conflict between Alisar and the Kais. The tribal elders are aware that Alisar Bey works alongside the Mongols and supports them. Osman knows that he brought trouble to the Kais when he stole Alisar Bey’s gold and distributed it to the poor. Unfortunately, his Uncle has been put in a bad position by his deed and has had to lie to Alisar Bey when he knows that Osman is guilty. As punishment Dundar Bey takes back the promotion he gave to Osman in preparing for the returning war Lords fighting with Ertugrul Gazi.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles, Osman swears to Dundar Bey that he will bring him all of Alisar Bey’s and Sofia’s gold being amassed in Kuluchaiser Castle. Osman also swears that Dundar Bey will take back every bad word when he sees what he will bring him.

Riding out of the tribal gates Osman runs into Bala Hatun. They stop and gaze into each eye of each other.

Bala tells Osman that since she last saw him she has had a wound in her heart and it is bleeding. She cannot dress the wound and it won’t go away.

Osman tells her that he will give her the happiness of a lifetime when she is his. “Be patient my beautiful one and keep praying.” He says. With these words, he rides out of the Kayi Village heading for a hidden cave where Osman and his Alps call home for the time being.

Osman prepares his Alps to enter Kuluchaiser Castle and steal Sofia’s gold. Prince Salvador tells them that he knows of a secret passage that he can guide them through which leads to the treasure room.

Sheik Edebali knows that Alisar Bey is his enemy and also that he is after his daughter. He has decided to play along with him for the time being. We will defeat him with our minds he tells his servant. He has two faces and one body. We will defeat him.

Osman returns to the cave where his Alps are waiting for him. He gives Prince Salvador the opportunity to stay out of the battle considering his close working relationship with Sofia. Prince Salvador thanks him but tells him he looks forward to fighting alongside Osman and Bamsi Bey. Osman accepts his answer and takes him along with them on the raid.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles, Prince Salvador leads Osman and his Alps through the dungeons and tunnels beneath the Castle.

There are two forks in the tunnel. Osman takes a tunnel that leads to Sofia’s dining room. The other tunnel leads the Alps to a set of wooden steps and a trapdoor that leads up into the treasure room.

Unfortunately, one of the Alps drops some of the booties and makes a loud noise. Guards are on the other side of the door and rush to open the treasure room. The door is held fast by the Alps whilst Prince Salvador tries to carry heavy gold chests back down through the trapdoor.

Osman on the other hand has a secret view of the dinner between Alisar and Sofia and overhears all their plans.

Osman hears Sofia telling Alisar Bey that there is a problem between their alliance and that is the presence of the Kais people and Sheik Edebali.

Sofia tells Alisar that if he wants to continue the alliance he will have to get rid of both these obstacles. Sitting at the dining table Sofia tells Alisar Bey that she has heard that the Mongols are coming and that he knows all about it. She is correct, Alisar Bey does know that the Mongols are coming.

Osman cannot believe his ears when he hears this news. His hiding place has allowed him to be warned that the Mongols are on their way. He hears Alisar Bey tell Sofia that the Mongols will be in Sogut by the morning and he will not have to do anything about the Kais as the Mongols will take care of them for him.

Meanwhile, the Alps are in a bad situation. Prince Salvador has turned the other cheek and betrays the Alps by locking the trapdoor making it impossible for them to get out of the treasure room.

Prince Salvador laughs and takes a chest of gold for himself. Cursing his newfound Muslim brothers he calls them fools. (It is obvious that his conversion to the Muslim faith was just a ploy to save his life.) He runs off back through the tunnels and escapes.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles, When the Alps are told that Prince Salvador has betrayed him they decide to take as much treasure as they can before the guards break down the door but with the trapdoor locked from beneath them, their escape seems impossible.

Bamsi Bey takes the betrayal of Prince Salvador personally to heart. He was the one who helped him convert to the Muslim faith and he had lied to him all along.

Praise God, Osman comes to their aid and unlocks the trapdoor from beneath them. They quickly move the treasure through the trapdoor and into the secret tunnels locking the trapdoor behind them.

Bamsi Bey feels really bad about Salvador and the trouble he has caused the Alps. More than that, he is embarrassed that he converted Salvador and he has betrayed them. He swears to make Prince Salvador pay for what he has done. Osman tells him there will be plenty of time for him to take revenge. Bamsi Bey tells them he even forgave him for taking his son’s life.

Deep inside the tunnels, Osman tells his Alps that they have a big problem. He tells them that he overheard Alisar Bey and Sofia saying that the Mongols have entered Sogut and will be there by morning. There is a look of dread on the Alp’s faces. They carry out their chests of gold with a successful mission under their belt.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles, Meanwhile Sofia has caught Prince Salvador trying to make his escape. She knifes him in the leg and then knifes him in the shoulder. He tells her he did everything just to obey Master Yannis.

Our episode takes a different turn now.

Three Mongols have arrived in Sogut. Their first stop is the Travellers Inn where they perform an evil right with blood and water and from there they split up and move into the Kais Village and Hisar Castle. The Castle flies the flag of the Kayi tribe. The Mongols attack and bring their evil presence to unexpected people.

The Mongols have been told not to kill the Beys of each nomad. Their prize will be Osman and his Alps. Then they will have the whole of Sogut and whatever gold and loot they can gather.

At Alisar Bey’s mansion, Sheik Edebali’s Ahi and his dervishes see Master Yannis in disguise walking along the ramparts. They are killed just for recognizing him.

The drums at the Kayi Village sound out a welcome for Osman and his Alps. The village sends up victorious cries “Long Live Osman Bey” as he and his Alps return to the village with their golden treasure.

It just happens that Alisar Bey is with Dundar Bey when he arrives and they hear the drums. Alisar is surprised to see Osman. The first thing Osman tells Alisar Bey is that the gold he requires as payment from the Kais is waiting outside the tent. Alisar Bey warns him that he is the Sanjak Bey who is the head of all Beys. He will not allow Osman to talk to him with disrespect.

They both draw their swords eager to kill each other. All the Alps and Alisar Bey’s guards draw their swords also in response.

Osman looks him in the eyes and tells him that from today the authority of Sanjak Bey does not mean anything to him. He walks out. A situation like this would normally end in bloodshed.

The Mongols attack Hisar Castle and kill many, women and children included. A leader is a barbaric man. His name is Balgay. He and his warriors plunder and murder their way through the grounds of the castle spreading fear among the remaining people.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles, At the same time, the Mongols burst through the gates of the Kayi village murdering them as they go. The drums sound out a warning but it is too late. The Mongols gallop through the village stopping for nobody.

Inside his nomad, Dundar Bey can hear the drums and makes his way outside to see what all the noise is about. When he sees the Mongols on his doorstep with no warriors to protect the village and his people he can see there is nothing he can do.

The Mongols take Dundar Bey and Gunduz to an audience with Balgay at Hisar Castle. They hope that Osman would already be captured and meet them there.

Balgay has made himself comfortable in the great hall of Hisar Castle. All the Beys are brought to him and systematically have their throats cut. He waits for Osman, Dundar Bey, and Gunduz to be brought to him.

On the grounds of Hisar Castle, many continue to be murdered by the Mongols.

Osman after delivering the gold and riding out of the village enters the gates of the Castle to find the Mongols are already there. He and his Alps raise their sword to Allah and attack.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles, Osman in his brave and courageous way calls out to the Mongols. “I am Osman Bey the son of Ertugrul Gazi.”

The fight is savage but in the end, Osman and the Alps are cornered.

Balgay is brought the news that Osman and his Alps have been captured. Osman is brought before him whilst his Alps are held by their captives having a hard time holding back from making themselves a martyr.

Osman stands before Balgay bravely. Balgay has respect for him and his ancestors. Balgay asks him to stand with him and conquer everything in his name. He can see the ambition that Osman has, is that of a conquerer.

He tells Osman it is up to him if he wants his brothers and himself to be killed.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles, He puts forward his offer. Die by Balgay’s sword or be the Sanjak Bey of all Sogut and make the world shake!

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Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 10 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-02-12