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Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles.


At the close of last week’s episode, Balgay the Mongol had offered Osman the position of Sanjak Bey which is now held by Alisar Bey.

This week’s episode commences with Osman turning down Balgay’s offer and telling him that he will not be a puppy dog on a leash for the Mongols. Balgay tells Osman that he wants to conquer Constantinople as well. Osman replies that he will not bow down before him. He tells him, “The day I obey a Mongol will be the day there is not a Turk left on this earth.”

Out in the courtyard of the Hisar Castle, Bamsi Bey and the Alps are held at spear point while Gunduz and Dundar Bey are being dragged through the Castle grounds after being taken prisoner at the Kayi Village by marauding Mongols.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles, Balgay orders the Mongols to ride to the new Bazaar and bring him back to Sheikh Edebali and kill all his dervishes. This order is heard by Osman and upsets him. Bala is at the new Bazaar with her father and she may be placed in danger.

Fortunately, Osman is able to make an escape from Balgay. He then releases his Alps and they make their escape. Their priority is to rush to the new Bazaar to save Sheikh Edebali and Bala.

Meanwhile, Gunduz and Dundar Bey are being tortured by Balgay. He punishes them because Osman escaped and would not take his offer. In the end, Dundar Bey agrees to obey Balgay to save his life. Balgay tells Dundar Bey that he will have to prove his obedience by bringing Osman to him.

Although Bala Hatun warned Sheikh Edebali that the Mongols are coming he still would not leave the Bazaar. If he had he may have missed the slaughter of his people by the Mongols but as it turns out the Mongols surround Sheikh Edebali and Bala ready to kill them but they are saved by Osman and his Alps.

Many Mongols are slain and many dervishes will not see another day. Konur Alp in trying to save Sheikh Edebali is captured. Osman andSheikh Edebali takes Bala and escape to a cave in the hills.

At Kuluchaiser Castle, Sofia has Prince Salvador hanging in the dungeon whilst she tortures him by ripping out his fingernails. He looks to be in a very bad way. To get out of the situation Prince Salvador tells Sofia that Osman sent him to be captured so he can act as a spy and relay information back to him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles, Meanwhile, Konur Alp is also being tortured by the Mongols. Osman is not likely to leave Konur Alp in the hands of the Mongols and it shouldn’t be long before Osman comes to his aid.

Osman is brought the news that Nezamettin was Master Yannis’s spy at the new Bazaar.

Alisar Bey is angry that Osman and Sheikh Edebali have been able to escape the clutches of the Mongols. He rides to Hisar Castle to visit Balgay. Alisar Bey promises to help carry the Mongol loot for Balgay and introduce him to Sofia, the most evil of all the infidels.

A Mongol guard brings a message for Alisar Bey from Osman. The message is the body of Nezamettin, Alisar Bey’s and Sofia’s spy.

Alisar Bey knows that Osman will not stop until he has his blood. Balgay is not happy either, Alisar Bey has placed the Mongols in a bad position with regard to Osman. He really wanted Osman to bow down before him and to be on his side. Now there will be war. Balgay swears that once he has Osman he will take Alisar Bey’s head.

Gunduz and Dundar Bey return unharmed to the Kayi Village. Batur Bey leaves the village on a mission to try and kill Balgay.

Dundar Bey is told by his wife to give Osman to the Mongols.

Balgay enters Kuluchaiser Castle and is brought to see Princess Sofia. Evil meets evil. He brings her the head of Nezamettin in a treasure chest.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles, Master Yannis views the audience between Sofia and Balgay from a hidden panel. Sofia tells Balgay that Sheikh Edibali is as much his enemy as hers. Balgay asks her to be his mistress. Sofia tells him she will only be his mistress if he conquers Constantinople.

Sofia kisses his hand and bows her knee in submission and obedience to his dominance with a promise of a future alliance with him as his Queen.

Bala Hatun is sent to the Kai tribe to bring back word on how the Kais have survived the Mongol attack. Selcan Hatun tells Bala that Dundar Bey has promised to bring Osman to the Mongols within three days or the Mongols will burn down all the Kayi nomads. Gonca (Bala’s servant) travels back to Osman to relay the news while Bala stays with Selcan Hatun.

Dundar Bey holds a council meeting to discuss the Mongol’s presence in their land. When they are told that the Mongols want Osman they stand together and order Dundar Bey to give him to them. Dundar Bey tells them to just wait until Osman who is very brave turns up then they will capture him.

Master Yannis believes he knows the way for Balgay to ensnare Osman and Sheikh Edebali. He makes his way to have his own audience with Balgay. The two decide to join forces but Balgay does warn Yannis that if he betrays him he will kill him and his daughter.

Meanwhile, Osman and his Alps take on the mission of rescuing Konuralp from within the castle. It is a dangerous mission and when he finally arrives at his destination he finds that the Mongols are waiting for him and they are caught in a trap. Osman manages to escape but his Alps are held as prisoners.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles, Batur Bey unlike his father makes an attempt at killing Balgay but fails. He succumbs to Balgay ’s sword.

Osman makes his way back to the cave where sheik Edebali is hiding in safety. Gonca has returned from the Kayi village and tells him that the Mongols are waiting for him to give himself up. Osman feels defeated. All the villages have been raided and all the Beys have been killed or made captive. He now hasn’t even got his Alps to support him.

Sheikh Edebali encourages Osman to persevere and find a way to crush the Mongols and save his people. Osman gives Gonca a command to take back to Selcan Hatun. (At this stage we do not know what that command is.)

Balgay and the Mongols make their way to the Kayi village along with their captives. They hope to flush Osman out. They lash the Alps together along with Batur Bey and use them as cart horses whilst Balgay whips them from behind.

With each lash of the whip, the captives become more obstinate in their determination to defeat the Mongols. They are embarrassingly dragged before the Kais and as they drag their wounded and battered bodies through the crowd they raise their voices telling them to be brave and not to bow down to their captives.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles, Not too far away Bamsi Bey watches as his brothers are dragged through the village. He is ashamed when he sees Dundar Bey afraid of the Mongols instead of taking the courage to fight them.

Osman sits in the woods and recalls how he swore Siddik (Prince Salvador) to silence and asked him to betray him on the day they raided Sofia’s treasure room and stole its gold. It has been kept a secret from his Alps and they still believe that he betrayed them. Osman has set Prince Salvador a task but he doesn’t know if he has been successful or not as he hasn’t heard from him since that day.

Osman becomes aware that somebody is watching him from the woods. He is rendered unconscious by a darkly clothed Turk who tells his unconscious body, “Your day has finally come Osman! “

Meanwhile, in a tent inside the nomad, Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun make poison to be delivered to our marauding Mongols. When Selcan Hatun brings Bamsi Bey into the tent to see what they are doing, he is told that this is what Osman has ordered them to do. She shows him a jar of the most deadly poison you could imagine.

The Mongols enter the tent of Dundar Bey and with their dominance bring with them renewed fear as a knife is held at the throat of Batur Bey. Balgay is confronted with a very Selcan Hatun and swears if they don’t serve him he will cut Batur Bey’s throat in front of his mother and father.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles, Little do the Mongols know that Selcan Hatun will fight a battle of her own with poison that she has poured into their drinks.

Osman awakes to find himself lying on a bed inside a mosque-type room. He is guided into a room where his captives await his presence. As he opens the door he is confronted by a group of wise Turkish men sitting and ready for a conference and obviously waiting for him.

His captors are friendly. They tell him they have come to help him and they are from tribes all over the land. To show Osman that they can be trusted they give him his father’s dagger which he recognizes immediately.

Osman is told that his grandfather and his father before him belonged to this prestigious group of Turks. He is now welcome to join them and with them the ability to fight the Mongols and save his people. They give him a box which they say has the power to stop the Mongols. He opens the box and gazes inside. At this stage, we do not know what is in the box.

Food and drink are prepared for Balgay in Dundar Bey’s tent. He begins to drink from the cup given to him by Selcan Hatun and then he stops and passes the cup to her to drink first.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles, When she is reluctant to drink he forces her mouth open and forces her to drink.

Our last scene sees Osman racing through the countryside at a full gallop. He has opened the box that the elderly father have given him. We do not know what was in that box but it certainly has motivated Osman to defeat the Mongols. He has renewed hope and strength and carries his father’s dagger with him, a sign that he will prevail over the Mongols.

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Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 11 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-02-19