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Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

After I kill you, your lands will come under our rule in Kurulus Osman Episode 112 Season 4 English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV for free also available in English, Spanish, Bangla, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Like a black cloud, I will descend upon your homeland! I will break the hand of anyone who in kayifamily touches my ring! The oily rope will go around your neck! Even if I have a rope around my neck, I built it…But you are a coyote even when you die.

Especially when I stand up, then I will ask you all to account! Selam aleykum.- Aleykumselam.The son of Osman Bey, the patron of the Turkmens, Şehzade Alaattin.He wants to go to the office of Sultan Alaattinand talk about an important event.

How long have you been coming to the palace without a license, Dursun Fakıh? Did you forget the pasture when you reached the extremes from Konya? Do not be offended, Alaattin Bey, the sultanate is not like a principality in Kurulus Osman 112 OsmanOnline.

The size of our palace is proof of this. I hope you were not offended by this greatness? in kayifamily Greatness is possible with fuyluk vizier. We would like to welcome you there as soon as the enemy is in our mansion. But get out of our way now, the issue is important in Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles Netflix, ATV, Youtube, Netflix, kayifamilytv, turkish123, osmanonline, ardirilisertugrul.

Guards! open the door. Just let me. Wow Osman, wow… Let him look at you. There will be a day when things turn around and you will be defeated by Bayındır, whom you despise. Margrave Osman… The rule of the jackals…is until the wolves stand up.

Do not resist Osman, you will die! Zohar! They will stay alive! Don’t try to take my prey from me, Baylor! Come on. I’ll take your head in front of the Valide Sultan! Orders are strict! Why is that? Obalar trust Osman, if we kill him now, they will think of us as enemies.

First, we will announce your treachery, then we will eliminate it! Stop your men! It grabs the arm that pulls the hyena out of its way! This is the last Mister! Catch him! Catch it live. Warders, our lord is in trouble, come on! Enough sir! You want to come as a guest and be a host, your majesty Valide Sultan! No! You will stand there! I will not allow you to covet my master’s trust! Honey, calm down!- Let go Malhun! You make things difficult!- Can’t you hear what he’s saying? Not now…-

Now! Get out! honey!- Malian get off! Arrest these infidels!- Alps! Get out of my way!- Not now!Now!Honey, what do you do? The Valide in front of you is the sultan! If the Valide Sultan is in front of me, this is Osman Bey’s mansion! in kayifamily I’m your hat too! We do not deliver the escrow to anyone. We do not hesitate to take our lives for this cause!Soldiers!Sir!Give an order, I’ll take their heads, my sultan. You save your head first, Bala.- You let it go. Download posts.Alps.Mashallah.Mashallah in Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles Netflix, ATV, Youtube, Netflix, kayifamilytv, turkish123, osmanonline, ardirilisertugrul in English, Spanish, Bangla, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Now I understand where Osman’s brain power comes from. Bala Hatun, I would be very disappointed if you stayed silent and sat down under my words. What are you trying to say, Valide sultan? Let’s just say I wanted to see who was braver. I saw that I would. I am very pleased. Take care, Valide Sultan. Don’t be fooled by what you see. My eyes are never wrong, Malhun chick.

May you visit me as soon as possible, Bala lady. I would like to know you better. Osman! You stand helpless like a trapped deer! When the deer mountain is conscious, you become the prey, not the hunter. You would not enter this palace that belongs to me! How will you get out now? We are here so that this place is not yours, we know how to get it. Catch it! You know what to do! Boran Alp! It’s a state matter, let’s stay cool and don’t spill blood! Not until he surrenders this life, Mr. Bayındır!While this head is in your possession, that soul does not stay in your body long! Surrender, Osman! Surrender so I can give you one more night to breathe in Kurulus Osman 112 OsmanOnline.

I won’t even let you breathe. Nuker! I am the great commander Samagar! Nöker called those under my command! Nöker…Nöker, take his sword! Osman Bey… Whatever happens to him always comes from this madness. Bayındır, aha, that madness has spread to all of our blood.Repentance astaghfurullah!Come on, take these to the dungeon! stop! They’re in the yard! I have good ideas for Osman and his alps. Take these, come on!Sir!- Sir! Let go! Sir! Leave! They have crossed the border, my sultan! Such impunity -Who told you that they will go unpunished, Bengi lady? Don’t I ask you to account for what you’ve done…

The time will come for all of them. This happens because Osman Bey does not exist! Let’s get to the mansion from the thesis, let’s walk! Let’s go, come on! The shopkeepers got the news, my sultan, now let Malhun chick think. What will happen, my sultan? These are bazaar tradesmen, why do they gather? You used to say they will go unpunished, Bengi Hatun in Kurulus Osman 112 Turkish123.

I inflicted the greatest punishment on them. You used to say that you would say your words in the presence of our sultan. You say your reason for coming informally. We have come to warn His Excellency about a counter set up for him. Forgive me, my Sultan, in kay family but what presumptuous goat herder can know and inform us of a trap that we cannot see? His majesty, the vizier! First of all, speak by weighing your words. The son of Osman Bey, whom you call a goat herder, is Alaattin Bey, whom Sultan Alaattin personally sent signs and set free.

Look at our Fakıh Dursun…Would you rise from the rank of jurist and rank yourself as a vizier? Vizier, let me hear your words. Alaattin Bey, tell me who set up a bench. This is such a trap that it is necessary to say to you, His Excellency, the Sultan. Who is on whose side is unknown? You say that you will say that there is no one here that I do not trust Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles Netflix, ATV, Youtube, Netflix, kayifamilytv, turkish123, osmanonline, ardirilisertugrul.

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

Your Excellency, you can trust whatever you want, but when he is on the throne, you cannot trust even your blood relatives. You know this best. He is the nephew of Sultan Alaattin Sultan Mesut. Sultan Mesut was always with us. He did everything he could to make the ends strong. But this went to the power of İlhanlı. For this reason, they turned against him and put Sultan Alaattin on the throne. We will find Sultan Mesut and put him on the throne. How are we going to do it, dad? This task will be yours in English, Spanish, Bangla, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Everybody out.My Sultan- If you repeat what I said again, it will be your end. My Sultan, which move of yours will provoke the Ilkhanid commanders towards you? I got everyone out. If you want me to hear you, tell me without cheating, Alaattin. Otherwise, I leave the savings to the queen. As you see fit, His Excellency the Sultan. They want to dethrone you.

They want to take you down and put your uncle Mesut on the throne again. Who? Who are those imbeciles? I will ask them to account for what they have done! I will regret them! They will regret not only me but also what they did to you and your daughter! I look forward to that day. Your Excellency Valide Sultan.You won’t wait long, Bengi Hatun…

First I’ll buy the bazaar and then the mansion from them! My Sultan, your power has no limits. You could easily get what you wanted now. Why are you waiting? Instead of stopping the caravans, you can own the whole market with one order! It’s not the market, Marta, I want their reputation. The caravans will not come! When the goods in the market run out, famine will begin.

Who will they blame? Of course, the Malhun lady in charge of the trade. I will bring the caravans that Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun could not bring. I will save the people from misery. Then his eyes will not see Bala or Malhun. They will see your might. Bengi chick, I will give you in kayifamily the responsibility of the market. I am sure that he will cope with this task well. I will do my best to be worthy of you, my sultan. Put all. How did you like my game? You know best, Valide Sultan. Of course, it is. I always know best! Well, you…

Do you know that you sent Osman to death? Your loyalty to Osman brought the end of you and Osman, Konur alp! Whatever happened to those before you, yours will be the same. I stand behind my case. Whatever you intend, we’re going to wrap it all around you. I’m going to drag you down and then destroy you in Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles Netflix, ATV, Youtube, Netflix, kayifamilytv, turkish123, osmanonline, ardirilisertugrul.

You will experience all of these! Throw that in the dungeon! Who are those who covet my throne? Whoever dethroned Mesut once. I dethroned my uncle! He was shortsighted, especially by making too many concessions to you, causing our strength to break! Your head is heavy on your body that it throws the words off your tongue without an account. As the Sultan deems it worthy. But I wish everyone to come out so that you can talk comfortably, not to talk comfortably.

What will I hide in my palace? That İlhanlı has put you on the throne and can even remove you when he wants. Osman Bey, who gave your name to me so that my fame maybe like you and your ancestors, is in the palace. Is Osman Bey in the palace? He fights against those who want to dethrone you. As we heard this information, we came to your land. Your presence on the throne is a blessing to us. And we wish your servants to preserve this state. Osman Bey, I heard that he is not on good terms with my mother in Kurulus Osman 112 Turkish123.

Does he still come and watch me? A sultan like you, whose shadow even makes the hearts tremble, does not need to be protected. Ours is service. Where is Osman Bey? Leave!Sir!Sir! Sir! I’ll take all your heads! I’ll take the head of your sentence! All of you! Sir! Let go! Hold all the entrances and exits of the palace! No one from the nature of the Sultan should come near! Don’t resist Osman, don’t resist. Now you try to put me in this cage, or else I will make this world a prison for you. Osman Bey…

So it was destiny to see you like this. Hands off! Didn’t you say to catch them alive? We’ll have some fun. We will crush. Now we will crush Osman’s heart. Nukers!Storm!You don’t worry about us, sir. We don’t get hurt by breaking, alhamdulillah!Lets!- Come on, come on!Guardians!Smash Osman and their alps as much as you want, but don’t let them hurt them, you can’t answer to Valide Sultan. Samachar is not accountable in kayifamily to anyone. Especially when he has Osman in his hands, he does not show mercy! Valid sultan will make every move to stop us and break it. At that time, we will fight until it breaks, mother. There is both burning and burning on this road in English, Spanish, Bangla, Arabic, and Portuguese.

First of all, we will be cautious.Is there a Destur, Malhun chick!Come on Cerkutay. What happens at the door, Cerkutay? The shopkeepers of the bazaar wait for acceptance from the divan. Here you go. Here you are. Trees! This is the gentleman’s sofa! Get yourself in order first! Tradesmen and people alike cry blood. What do you say, explain it properly? Caravans stopped coming to Yenişehir. Those who came from Konstantiniyye were cut off, and now those from Konya have also been cut off. If it goes on like this, we won’t even be able to find bread to eat. Gentlemen, calm down, we do not put anyone in the open. I will take care of the caravan myself.

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

Whatever anyone needs, I’ll see them all. Now go back to your shops and wait for news from me. Don’t provoke anyone. Hold on, guards! Guys, hold on. Come on brothers! Alps. Let’s break the great commander Samagar, please Osman! I have other plans for Osman. We’ll rip out his heart!Nukers!Lets!If you want freedom, get up and fight, Osman! Come on, let’s see. Attack! Destur!His Excellency Sultan Alaattin!Our first target will be Sultan Mesut. but if not, then you will say that the Mongols are holding us after Sultan Mesut. You will confuse them with the art of the word. And so Sultan Alaattin will save us from them.

Buyruk Osman is the brain.- Thanks. Be there, son. Osman Bey probably prevented the traitors’ move. But he was arrested by Samagar and his nökers. You said I shouldn’t trust anyone when I’m on the throne. I do not trust you. But I will hear what they say, Osman Bey. At that time, we need to hurry up, my sultan, the Mongols will try to kill my father so that their game does not come out. Let Samagar wait for me in my presence. stop! Unlimited! What is this situation, Osman Bey? The property belongs to you in Kurulus Osman 112 Turkish123.

You have to ask about the condition of this place. But we were not surprised at the fitna where there were so many enemies. You will explain everything in detail. You will give an account, Osman Bey. If I believe in the sincerity of your intention, then I will spare your life as it is now. Thank you, sultan. Let’s look at the wounds of Osman Bey and the Alps. Let it be cleaned. Then I want you in my presence. Emir Sultan belongs to His Excellency. Meanwhile, Mr. Alaattin will be with me. Everything will proceed as we wish, Osman Bey. They will reveal the location of Sultan Mesut as soon as possible. You did a good job with Alaattin. The rest is up to me.- Thanks. We will get what we want and then you will do your duty. It’s your command, sir.Alps.Are you okay? We’ve had better days, sir. But thank you very much. We should live and breathe for the sake of the cause.Lets.Let Hüseyin prepare the thesis paper inkpot in Kurulus Osman Episode 112 Season 4 English Subtitles Netflix, ATV, Youtube, Netflix, kayifamilytv, turkish123, osmanonline, ardirilisertugrul.

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

Let’s tell the Valide Sultan what happened. Lets. What is the status of the shopkeeper, Ayşe? When the caravans did not bring goods to Yenişehir even though they promised, the supplies in the hands of the tradesmen decreased, Malhun. Mother Valide Sultan even considers it necessary to offend the people so that we can be dependent on her. He does not send caravans. If we can’t find supplies for Yenişehir, the people will rely on him like the gentlemen. We will find it. Aktemur should not delay the tradesmen in the bazaar even for a moment. Opportunists will multiply as supplies dwindle.- No one will be blinded. The Valide Sultan increased the measures. What is your intention? We will crush the world to those who scare us with famine! in kayifamily Now you listen to me carefully in Kurulus Osman 112 OsmanOnline.

We will secretly extract the provisions from the castles and camps and bring them to Yenişehir. How will so much food be enough for so many people, Malian lady? Of course, it will be enough until the caravan issue is resolved, but we must act quickly. Let Aktemur send speedily to the castles and camps. How are we going to do this job amongst all the blasphemy, mother? Ala…

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles in kayifamily

What about the goods, Mr. Bekir, were you able to collect the goods in Yenişehir? We even collected the goods on our counter overnight, my Valide Sultan. We will also buy the last supplies left in the hands of the tradesmen. There will be no goods to be sold or bought in the market. Good, what about the goods in the castles? We bought the goods in the camps at double the cost, my Valide Sultan. Olof and his men took the castle’s provisions. Where are we going to put all these goods, my Valide Sultan?

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 Season 4 English Subtitles Netflix, ATV, Youtube, netflix, kayifamilytv, turkish123, osmanonline, ardirilisertugrul.


Kurulus Osman English Subtitles

Episode Title: Episode 14

Air Date: 2023-01-11