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Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English – KayiFamilyTV

In Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV, We don’t have what we need to teach the right lesson. But we can’t just send hungry people away who are in our way. Even more so during the good time of Ramadan. Even more so after all you’ve done! They want us to come to iftar. Then, let’s go, sir. – Oh no! Halil, go tell your mother at home. Let the two people who are coming set the table. Son, come on. Come on, stranger, dinner is almost ready. Let’s take care of the store. So, come on. No one could say that Andarl Ali Aa didn’t feed his guests. So, come on! Also, take these. This is where Bayndr gave his word. We will wait. Talay kept his eyes on the road.

Are you the businessman? – It’s me. Merchant, do as we say. Just you! Be careful, noker. This is how Nayman’s loyal helper has been treated. I should say that you have to pay with your head for being unfair. If my guys don’t do it, nothing will happen. Say something to Talay. Talay just said merchant! My men are not different from me! If traders are there, traders are there. There would be no trader without them. How can I tell you’re not just messing around? I say that I came in the name of Nayman, but you still say it’s a game. Just look at that piece of metal in Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV. How many people have it in the world? He gave me this! You are rude, noker, because you make me wait for nothing. You should know that Nayman was insulted along with me. What will you do? Repentance astaghfurullah! Hussein. Remind me, if Allah wills, to save those heads; remind me…

I will punish you before Nayman! Mister, I don’t understand. How do you feel? Huseyin, what did you understand? What did you understand? But I’ll tell you once I’ve gotten inside your head. Sir, my head is only as thick as a hair. If you call these guys snakes, though, they move like snakes. I didn’t know they were after us. – I’ll never say that! Huseyin, you would understand! Look, we don’t have any gold or Damascus. We’ve got a head on our shoulders! He is also at Osman’s mercy. But, I tell Hussein, now is the time to run away. Check out the Alp guard! You’ve been locked up since the morning; you tied us up here and made us fast.Even if you start to fall apart, let the blood flow through your body, right? Don’t worry, I won’t kill you here in Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV.

It’s okay, we’re not wrong or nonbelievers! Give us a break, top guard. You pray, and Osman Bey will make sure that my bey, Turgut, keeps an eye on you. He went to sleep… You rest when you die. Repentance astaghfurullah! You’re a Muslim, and so am I. Let meat take the place of my Muslim. I am Sir, and the other one is coming. Repentance astaghfurullah! Fasting fasting! Oh, Hussein Effendi! So, if you have your way, the rope won’t come off our neck! Let’s go before the Alps wake up from their nap. We need to forget our main point. Please, sir. – Lets. Osman Bey, are you very angry? in Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTVAlcicek did more than just get mad. He made me get off the couch. He pushed me off the couch in the middle of the Alps and the brains. What do you say, Aktemur? Hey, mum says I haven’t been doing my job.

Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV

He didn’t even let me speak. Don’t lean your head back. I’m in, son, if there’s no one behind you. People are crazy about Kargin. I know, mom. I know, and I won’t let you down. Now is not the time to stop. I promised Kargin’s guys that you wouldn’t sit on this post until you did something. How do you say mother? Now that the owner of the post has been found, it’s time to get revenge for my ktem… and for our alps. – Mother. I say that we should take Marmaracik away from that bad Nayman, Alcicek. He killed our cruel master, our alps. He stole what was rightfully ours! We won’t tie our hands behind our backs and sit down, right? Impossible! Our hurt is still new. Besides, Aktemur has just become a gentleman. Will the new kingdom turn into the old one? We shouldn’t stop right now in Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV.

Should the promise we made fall through from the start? Aktemur, do you think like Alcicek? We will take Marmarack because we made a promise. We won’t spill the blood of our lord Ktem and our alps on the ground. Oh my god! My animal! We will, for sure! God willing, we will get it. Was this the right time for Osman’s inspection while he was dressed up? It’s just a matter of when. Where is Nayman? Don’t you trust your brain? Of course I trust you, Osman. I only have faith in you. Don’t act like you have no idea. Thank you very much. I will win, if God wills it. But you say that’s not true. No matter what, Malhun, we are just people. Only the state is left. People are what make a state a state. Malhun is someone I’d like to see. No, son. I recognise you. I’m a guest, son. I’m a guest. Who am I, exactly? You are Osman Bey. I will never forget what I saw. It was on a horse in Soüt, where I was in Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV.

I was sure we would win. Come on, let’s see. Please, please, please. How about your parents? Did you tell them about me? Is that how this table looks? No, everyone is welcome at this table. What about what you said in the market place… Would you also recognise me there? Why should I talk if I don’t know that the guy in front of me is Osman Bey? Now, these are things that only you and I know. A secret from the government.- It’s a secret. Yes… It costs as much as a poor person’s meal. Is itEstağfurullah? It’s beautiful and good on many tables, thank God. You’re right. How long does Iftar Cerkutay have left? I don’t feel well at all. I don’t feel well at all. Look at how it got broken. Ulgen girl, look at the mess she got herself into! Still, you didn’t say that outside! I now know what you did in Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV.

You put me on. Because you’re hungry, Gürbüz alp, you don’t hear what I say. But am I? Will it make me hungry? Hey, Ulgen, babe? He said that nothing can bend Cerkutay’s back. Hey! Sentence knows this! Nothing can bend Cerkutay’s ill it make – Huh. Your mother is here! Why didn’t you say? – I forgot! I forgot! None have heard from there. He doesn’t hear. Old woman. He’s old after all. – He didn’t understand. Oh! The black midwife was here too! How? Do they hire the guest? Hey! Who is the guest? What are you doing in the kitchen during the daytime, huh, Gürbüz alp? I guess fasting hit him on the head, huh? Na, I’ll contain this madman. Otherwise, there is no such thing as fasting. I eat one meal at a time; it takes ten days. Mashallah! What is this meczubu doing here? in Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English on KayiFamilyTV.


Kurulus Osman English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 122 Season 4 English

Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 122

Air Date: 2023-04-19