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Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles

The Genghis Khan treasurers had been stolen by Batur Bey and in his attempt to get them back Osman had fallen into a trap laid by Dundar Bey and his son Batur Bey. They betrayed him and the tribe. Dundar Bey now flies the flag of the Mongols from the nomad of Ertugrul Gazi.
We also left Bala Hatun lying on the ground after she had been attacked by Mongols and stabbed in the stomach.

Whilst Osman is on his knees outside of Dundar Bey’s tent, he holds in his hands the Genghis Khan treasurers. Osman’s body shakes with anger and frustration at not being able to get to him. He wants to rip his heart out. He swears he will turn his father’s tent into Balgay’s grave and his Uncle will be put to death by his hand.

Balgay prepares to execute Osman under his sword but fate steps in and the attack is halted by Commander Toni, Balgay’s official Commander and leader of the local Mongol pack! He wants to take the Genghis Khan’s treasurers and Osman back to Geyhatu in Konya who is the big-time Mongol leader. He will get much praise and personal glory for these treasurers just as Balgay would have if he was given the chance.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles, Balgay has no other choice but to give him the treasurers and Osman. He puts him in a cage in readiness to take him to Konya.

After they have left the Kai nomad, Balgay gives his men an order to kill Commander Toni and his Nokers.

The injured Bala is placed on a stretcher and is being dragged behind Mongol horses by Cerkutay back to their camp and Balgay. She regains consciousness on the way and escapes the clutches of her captors. She is in a very weakened state having a large open wound in her stomach. She runs into the woods and hides.


Bambi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi (Dundar Bey’s brother) will not accept a Mongol leader in the Kai Village or the betrayal of Dundar Bey and his son. They leave the village to join Osman and his Alps. Now Osman’s Alps are not aware that Osman is in trouble. They have been waiting for him back at their hideout but they are soon put in the picture by Bamsi Bey and they charge to his rescue.

Meanwhile, Osman is in a cage on a cart and traveling to Konya with Commander Toni. He has a hidden dagger in his boot which was given to him by Bamsi Bey as they bundled him into the cage. He uses this dagger to break the lock on the cage door and make his escape but not before he steals back the Genghis Khan’s treasurers.

At the same time as Osman makes his escape, the Mongol Commander is attacked by Balgay’s Mongols. They kill Commander Toni and his armed guards but were too late to stop the wounded Osman from escaping into the woods with the treasurers. Konar (Balgays right-hand man) tries his hardest to find Osman but he is unsuccessful as Osman was able to hide in a small cave alongside a river.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles, Bala has come to the end of her strength and collapses. She drops the blue scarf that Osman had given to her on the ground. She is discovered and rescued by an old woman who lives in a cave not too far away.

As if by fate, Osman sees Bala’s white horse roaming in the woods. He has no idea that Bala is in the woods. Osman calls to the horse and the horse in turn leads him to where he finds Bala’s blue scarf covered in blood. He continues to follow her horse in the hope that it will lead him to his love.

Osman blood trail brings him to the cave. Inside the cave, the old woman prepares to clean and sterilize Bala’s wound. Bala lies in great pain on a makeshift bed. She hears the sound of Osman’s voice as he enters the cave. She calls out to him and he rushes to her side.

Osman demands to know who hurt her. She gives him the name of Cerkutay one of Balgay’s most trusted guards. Osman swears to rip his heart out when he finds him.

Bala is critically wounded and the old woman must cauterize her wound to stop the bleeding. Osman as brave and strong as he is cannot bear to hear Bala’s screams as the hot poker is driven into her wound.

“Will she live?” he asks the old woman. She cannot promise him that she will survive. “She is in God’s hands,” she says. She then turns to the wounded and exhausted Osman and cares for his wounds at the same time.

Meanwhile, Samsa Bey and his Bey’s plan to bring their women and children and join forces and take refuge in the mountains. They will then join forces to fight the Mongols.

Balgay has been told that Osman has escaped with his treasures. He is also told that they lost Bala Hatun thanks to Cerkutay’s incompetence. He sends a message back to Geyhatu in Konya that Osman has killed Commander Toni and his Nokers (Mongol guards) thereby removing any blame from himself. Balgay is yet to find out who told Geyhatu in the first place that he held the Genghis Khan treasurers.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles, Meanwhile back in the cave, Osman wakes after recovering from his wounds. Bala is still unconscious. He tells the old lady that if Bala dies half of his life will finish. He is strong and brave but weak when he sees his beloved Bala in pain.

Bala awakens from a fevered sleep but cannot feel her legs. Worst still the old woman tells her that her wound involved her uterus and she may not be able to have a baby in the future.

Osman does not leave Bala’s side. He tries to keep her hopes high for recovery and tells her that they will again go to her father for permission to marry. Osman speaks about his dreams of the life they will have together and the children they will have but deep down Bala knows the outcome will not be so positive. Unselfishly she tells him that he will have many sons and their names will be known all over the land. Unfortunately, she does not tell him that she does not see herself as their mother.

After some time Osman leaves the cave on Bala’s white horse and goes for help. Bala is taken to Sheikh Edebali’s hideout.

Gunduz Bey returns from his long journey to find chaos at the Kai village. He finds a Mongol flag flying outside his tent and that Dundar Bey has become Sanjak Bey. He refuses to accept him.

Zohore Hatun on the threat of death lies tells Balgay that it was Gunduz who told Geyhatu about the Genghis Khan treasurers to take the suspicion away from her family. Zohore makes Gunduz Bey the scapegoat. She also steers Balgay towards attacking Samsa Bey as he defies her husband. She tells him if he finds Samsa Bey then he will also find Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles, Balgay wanting to finish Osman for good sends Cerkutay to kill Samsa Bey and to bring Osman and the treasures back to him.


The Alps have spent days searching for Osman and are overjoyed to see him alive. There is much happiness in the group.

On hearing that Samsa Bey killed two Mongols, Osman rides to warn him. Even though they have had a falling out Osman still loves him. Finding Samsa Bey is not that easy. He is way up in the mountains at a secret hideout. They arrive just in time to save Samsa Bey from death. The fight intensifies until all the Mongols are dead and Konar the Mongol is captured.

The capture of Konar the Mongol puts Konur Alp in a sticky situation. He believes that Konar is his long-lost brother that was stolen from his family by the Mongols when they were children. Konar sports the same tattoo on his neck as Konur Alp. This tattoo was given to them at their birth by their grandfather. To see Konar captured and quite possibly executed tests his allegiance to his brothers. He watches as Osman beats him over and over again.

Meanwhile, the infidels are ready for war. They don their armor and head out of Kuluchaiser Castle on a mission to find Osman. Sofia bows to Balgay and brings him gold to help his cause.

Sofia makes a decision to go after Sheikh Edebali leaving Balgay to take care of Osman and Samsa Bey. Little do they know that Osman has already taken care of Balgay’s men.

Samsa Bey and Osman reunite their friendship with hugs and forgiveness. The friendship remains intact and they believe that together victory over the infidels will be theirs.

Konur Alp makes his way to the captured Konar and tells him, “I am Konur your older brother. We share the same tattoo”. He asks him to remember his mother and father and how they bowed down to the Quran. He shows him his tattoo also.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles, They hug and call each other brother but Konur Alp is now in a position where he wants to help Konar but does not know what Osman may have in store for him.

Gunduz Bey can no longer stay in the Kai Village. He leaves to join Osman but is ambushed by Cerkutay and his Mongols and taken captive back to the mongol camp. Although innocent the mongols believe Gunduz had told Geyhatu in Konya about the Genghis Khan treasures, when all along it was his brother Dundar Bey.

Cerkutay is told by Gunduz that Osman will come for him and he will kill him. Cerkutay may very well need to be concerned as Bala has also told Osman that he was the one who attacked and wounded her. Osman will show him no mercy.

Meanwhile, the infidels led by Sofia and guided by Siddik lie in wait for Sheikh Edebali. They walk straight into an ambush set by Osman and the Dervishes. They cannot escape. The Alps are relentless in their attack and Sofia is captured. Osman has much against Sofia and raises his hand and slaps her to the ground.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles, As Sofia is pushed to her knees in front of Osman, Konar the Mongol is also brought to his knees beside her.

The cry goes up “God is most great” as Osman raises his sword to take off their heads.

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Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 14 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-03-11