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Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles

At the conclusion of last week’s episode Osman and his Alps had captured Sofia and the mongol Kongar. Unfortunately Gunduz was captured by Balgay after Dundar Beys wife lied and told him that Gunduz was responsible for telling Geyhatu that Balgay had the Genghis Khan treasures. The Genghis Khan treasures now lie with Osman and Sheikh Edebali.

Our first scene in this episode shows a tortured Gunduz . He is tied to a wooden cross and held at the mongol camp by Balgay and his hound Cerkutay. Balgay gets great delight in nailing Gunduz to the wooden cross.


Meanwhile Master Yannis gets an unexpected visit from Osman. He brings Yannis his daughter’s sword and tells him that she is his captive and he will return her when Yannis helps him to capture Balgay. He tells Yannis that he can keep the Genghis Khan laws as a kind of guarantee.

If Master Yannis can persuade Balgay to go to Tekfur Castle, Osman and his Alps will ambush him on the way. Osman guarantees Master Yannis that he will give him back his daughter when he has captured Balgay but at that time he must give him back the Laws. That is the deal. Whether or not Master Yannis will keep to his end of the bargain is questionable but he accepts Osman’s offer.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles, The captive Sofia is guarded by Bala Hatun. Although still injured Bala takes great pleasure in taking out her revenge on Sofia for all that she has done to Osman and herself. The two women have a savage fight ending with Sofia ending up in chains. Sofia is lucky to be alive.

At the Kayi nomad Dundar Bey is brought the news that Gunduz has been captured by the mongols when he was on his way to join Osman. Dundar Bey and Batur Bey leave the nomad to see Balgay and to try and find Gunduz. Dundar Bey has no idea that his wife had set Gunduz up but Selcan Hatun is onto Zohre. She knows that she is involved with the disappearance of Gunduz somehow.

Osman has been told of his brother’s capture. He plans to rescue Gunduz from the hands of the mongols knowing that there are Nokers everywhere.

Meanwhile back at the mongol camp Cerkutay continues to torture Gunduz in Balgay’s absence.

Balgay who has left the mongol camp has travelled to Kuluchaiser Castle and has an audience with Master Yannis. Now Yannis has just made a deal with Osman for the life of his daughter and he has to persuade Balgay to travel on the road to Tekfur Castle but just as we expected, Yannis tells Balgay that Osman is going to ambush him on the road.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles, Osman has a plan to get himself and the Alps inside the mongol camp. He allows himself, Bamsi Bey and Samsa Bey to be captured. A group of mongols follow them into camp.

Cerkutay taunts Osman with the knowledge that he captured Bala Hatun, but Cerkutay needs to be aware that Osman has promised Bala Hatun that he will rip out his heart when he finds him for what he did to her.

Osman managed to escape his captives with the help of his Alps who are disguised as mongols. A vicious fight between the two groups explode with Osman releasing his brother from his crucifixion.

Osman sees Cerkutay running away and goes after him. All the while Alisar Bey watches the conflict from the woods. Cerkutay invites Osman to a personal blood bath but Osman is quicker and stronger . He knocks Cerkutay to the ground with one savage blow and says, “That is for Bala Hatun.” As Cerkutay tries to get up he is once again knocked to the ground for Bala Hatun’s sake. Unfortunately he could not complete the task of ripping out his heart as mongol soldiers attack him and Cerkutay makes his escape. Osman does swear that he will find him as he is not done yet.

The scouts watching over the road to the mongol camp bring Osman the news that Dundar Bey and Batur Bey are not far away. Osman decides that this is the time to confront his Uncle.

When Dundar Bey arrives at the mongol camp he sees the dead bodies of the mongols lying throughout the camp. Then he sees Osman Bey walk out of Balgay’s tent. He is then surrounded by Osman’s Alps and he can see that his time has come to pay for what he has done to the Kais.

Osman tells Dundar Bey that his father conquered this land and he will not see it go to the mongols by his hand. Dundar Bey orders his Alps to attack. The fight which eventuates is not a fight to the death and Osman and his Alps do not use their swords in conquering his fellow Turks but Dundar Bey and Batur Bey manage to escape and run away.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles, Batur Bey goes in a different direction than his father and runs into Alisar Bey. He tries to worm out of Batur Bey where he could find Bala Hatun. If you remember Alisar Bey was quite turned on by the daughter of Sheikh Edebali. As Batur would not give up Bala’s whereabouts he is strangled to death by Alisar Bey.

He tells his Alp to take the body of Batur Bey and leave it near the gates of the Kayi nomad.

Konur Alp is alone at a camp watching over Kongar the Mongol who is secretly his brother. Kongar plays the long lost brother very well and tricks Konur into believing that he has brotherly love for him. He renders Konur unconscious and buries a dagger in the ground near his head as a gesture that he could have killed him if he wanted. Kongar must have some feelings for his brother as he does not kill him which shows you that he shows him mercy. He then makes his escape back to Balgay at the mongol camp.

Dundar Bey falls into the hands of Balgay on his way back to the camp. Dundar Bey in his cowardly way tells Balgay that Osman has attacked his camp and killed everyone.

When Balgay arrives back in his camp he finds all his men murdered. He is drawn into chanting his anger as he views the devastating scene that Osman has left for his homecoming.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles, In Sofia’s dungeon Bala Hatun prepares to give Sofia food. She is interrupted by Osman who has come in search of her. Sofia is awake and can hear their conversation.

Osman has come to check on Bala after her injury but he can see that she has distanced herself from him. He asks her, “What is wrong?” He tells her that she runs away from him and ignores him. She leaves him without giving him an explanation.

Kongar makes his way back to the mongol camp and Alisar Bey has also joined Balgay after killing Batur Bey.

Konur Alp has the unpleasant duty to tell Osman that Kongar escaped. He slaps Konur to show him how disappointed he is in him. With pressure put on him by Osman, Konur has to tell him that he was his long lost brother Goktug.

In Balgay’s tent Alisar Bey makes Balgay aware that Geyhatu knows that Osman killed Commander Toni. Geyhatu has sent a message to Balgay through Alisar Bey who tells him that if he doesn’t kill Osman and bring the Genghis Khan laws to him then he will make Balgay pay for it. In the meantime Geyhatu is sending out scouts to find Osman.

Meanwhile in Osman’s hideout in the caves, Bala Hatun seeks him out and talks to him. She tells him that they are comrades in the fight for freedom and not to expect anything more from her. The look on his face shows you that he is shocked by her statement. Osman lets her know that he will not let her go unless she tells him why.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles, Bala at first explains that she has to fight by her fathers side and she has no room for love. Of course she is covering the fact she cannot have a child.

He feels there is another reason for her decision. She does not and will not tell him that she cannot have a child. She tells him to look for another woman. The only thing she can offer him is the use of her sword at his service . She leaves a saddened and shocked Osman standing alone in the cave.

Osman begins his plans to ambush Balgay. He did tell Master Yannis that he would use a mountainous path to do this and Yannis told Balgay that this is the place that he would be ambushed. Our devious Osman guessed that Yannis would betray him so he plans to ambush Balgay only a kilometre from his camp with no chance of him escaping.

Back at the Kayi Village the warning drums alert the village of approaching riders. The village people gather together and see a dead Batur Bey being brought home. Dundar Bey and Zohre grieve for a lost son believing that Osman was the murderer. Revenge is planned.


Dundar Bey orders all his Alps to ready themselves to go in search of Osman and to kill him.

The mongols are on the move and Balgay leads his Nokers on a pathway of death. They are halted by trees lying across their path. Balgay is on alert as he expects that he has made the wrong choice and could have entered into an ambush.

Balgay’s intuition is confirmed when Osman shows himself from behind the woods. His Alps attack and Balgay is caught with no chance to escape.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles, Join Turk-Flix next week to see if Osman finally gets the chance to take care of Balgay for good? Also, will Osman find out why Bala Hatun has rejected him? Will our brothers Konuralp and Kongar end up in killing each other and will Dundar Bey catch up with Osman after finding his dead son?

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Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 15 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-03-18