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Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles

This week’s episode begins with Osman seated within the elders circle. The Turkish elders have asked Osman to rescue Princess Adelpha. Princess Adelpha is travelling from Constantinople to marry Geyhatu the Mongol in Konya. The Princess has not been given consent to marry Geyhatu and the marriage has to be stopped.

Meanwhile at the Kayi Village, Gunduz has been made leader of the tribe. Most of the tribe believe Dundar Bey is dead after he was wounded by an arrow shot by Alisar Bey.

Abdurrahman Gazi was escorting Dundar Bey back to the village for medical care but he is attacked by Alisar Bey and left for dead. Dundar Bey is taken to the Alisar Bey’s mansion.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles, At the present time Abdurrahman’s absence has not yet been discovered and a search party is sent out to look for him by Bamsi Bey.

Zohre (Dundar Bey’s wife) has been released from the “cage” where she and her daughter Aygul have been kept prisoner since Zohre had betrayed the Kais and helped Balgay capture Gunduz. Aygul blames her mother for the death of her brother as she had made a deal with the mongols.

At the Kayi Village the drums herald the arrival of Alisar Bey who has been given the title of Sanjak Bey by Geyhatu the Mongol. The title of Sanjak Bey is always given by vote by the Turkish Bey’s of Sogut.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles, He is not welcomed by Gunduz. Gunduz remembers when he attacked him and wounded him. He tells Alisar that the title of Sanjak Bey must be given by Turks and have the respect of the people.

Alisar Bey is anxious to arrest Osman and take him to Geyhatu. He is told by Bamsi Bey that nobody in the Kayi Village will give him Osman. Alisar Bey asks Gunduz to join with him in killing Balgay. Gunduz agrees to continue to pay taxes to Geyhatu even though Bamsi Bey is against it.

Bala Hatun tells Selcan Hatun that Alisar Bey had asked her father for her hand in marriage and his offer was turned down. Selcan Hatun is aware that Osman knows nothing about this.
Bamsi Bey is told that Abdurrahman Gazi has been found wounded in the forest. Bamsi Bey wants him to be cared for outside of the village. He wants everyone to continue believing that Abdurrahman is dead. This is the only way they will save his life.

Osman returns from his visit to the Turkish elders with renewed hope in a new Turkish government and feeling the power of God within his soul.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles, Osman begins his journey to rescue Princess Adelpha. He takes Boran Alp with him and ambushes her caravan.

Unfortunately the Princess does not turn out to be Princess Adelpha. The young woman they save is a substitute who is critically wounded by her own men.

Before the young woman dies she tells Osman that the real Princess Adelpha is travelling on a different path in secret and Osman makes plans to rescue her.

Aygul consents to marrying Alisar Bey. He takes Zohre and Aygul with him back to his mansion along with the body of Batur Bey who will be buried near the mansion.

Inside the camp of Balgay and his Nokers, Cerkutay brings the news that Osman has gone after the caravan carrying the Princess. The carriage is heavily protected by Geyhatu’s Nokers.
Balgay is also wanting to capture the princess and he hopes that the Nokers will take care of Osman for him.

Sofia sends Helen her guard to go after Princess Adelpha.

Gunduz turns up at the campsite where Abdurrahman Gazi is cared for by Bamsi Bey. The two men welcome each other and discuss how they fooled Alisar Bey back at the Kay Village. Gunduz had played into Alisar Bey’s hands at the time but he has no plan on obeying Alisar Bey as Sanjak Bey. Both men were happy that he Alisar Bey had fallen into their trap.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles, Gunduz and Bamsi Bey know that Alisar Bey had ambushed Abdurrahman Gazi and that Alisar protects Dundar Bey. To obtain the proof they need Gunduz sends an Alp to secretly find evidence that Dundar is at Alisar’s mansion. It is not long before they have the evidence they want.

At the mansion, Zohre and Aygul arrived at the mansion carrying the body of Batur Bey with them. They have been exiled from the Kayi Village and will make their home at the mansion. They still believe that Dundar Bey is dead but Alisar shows them that indeed he is still alive.

Dundar Bey finally grieves for his dead son. He still believes that Osman killed Batur and swears to avenge him. Alisar’s plan has worked well and he now has a hate filled Dundar Bey as his partner.

What Dundar Bey does not know yet is that his wife collaborated with the mongols which led to his son’s death. Aygul begs her mother to tell her husband before he figures it out himself.

Alisar Bey is told that Batur was not Dundar Bey’s only son. He has another son has another son (Bahadir) who will carry on the blood line of Suleyman Shah. Alisar Bey is unsettled by this news.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles, Prince Salvador leaves a message for Osman with the dervishes. The message is taken to Bamsi Bey.

Osman and Boran race to rescue the real Princess Adelpha not knowing that Balgay and his Nokers are not far away. They watch as the caravan stops. The caravan is heavily guarded by infidels and mongols. Osman waits until the infidels head back to Constantinople leaving him only the Geyhatu’s mongols to contend with.

Osman attacks the mongol guards with Balgay watching from the safety of the woods. The Princess is filled with fear and runs off into the woods. She is caught by Osman and told that she will not be hurt but they must prevent her marriage to Geyhatu.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles, As Balgay’s mongols approach, Osman sends Boran Alp and the Princess away from any danger but Osman is captured and taken to Balgay’s camp.

Balgay believes that his God, Erlik Han, does not want him to kill Osman but rather he wants them to fight side by side. Balgay does not like Geyhatu. He wants Osman to fight alongside him against Geyhatu. If Osman doesn’t agree he will see Geyhatu and his army of Nokers ride into the Kay Village and slay them all.

Osman sits with Balgay communicating instead of fighting. Balgay tells Osman that Alisar Bey and Geyhatu are working together and that Alisar Bey has been made Sanjak Bey by Geyhatu. He also tells Osman that Geyhatu and a large army of Nokers will arrive in Sogut that evening.

Balgay tells Osman that all he wants is the Genghis Khan Laws and dagger but that is also what Geyhatu wants. If Osman fights alongside him he will take the Genghis Khan Laws and disappear leaving Sogut to Osman.

Balgay lets Osman know that it was Alisar Bey who killed Batur and it is Alisar Bey who wants to place Dundar Bey as leader of the Kai tribe. He continues to tell him that Alisar will then remain as Sanjak Bey over Sogut and have Geyhatu as his ally. Osman can now see the plan.

Alisar Bey invites Gunduz to the mansion. He and Bamsi Bey know that if he goes it will mean his death. It is decided that Gunduz will go to the mansion but he will not be going alone. Today he tells Bamsi Bey is the day that the Kais take their revenge. Unfortunately he does not know that Geyhatu and his army will be arriving that evening.

We return now to Balgay’s camp where Osman and Balgay have had an informative chat instead of trying to kill each other. Balgay has been reasonable and tells Osman he is free to leave the camp but he warns him that Gunduz will be killed along with Bamsi Bey and Samsa Bey at Alisar’s mansion and they do not know that Geyhatu and his army will be waiting for them.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles, He reminds him that Alisar Bey is about to place Dundar Bey as leader of the Kayi nomad while Alisar himself takes the title of Sanjak Bey and rules Sogut.

Balgay is calm when he presents to Osman his ultimatum. He either joins him against Geyhatu, Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey or he loses everything to Geyhatu.

Osman after careful thought smiles at Balgay and accepts his offer to fight together. We do not know what plans Osman has of his own but we can see that he is in a sticky situation. He still has the Genghis Khan Laws and also Princess Adelpha, both of which Geyhatu wants.

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Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-04-01