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Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles

Mehmet Bozdag continues production of Kurulus Osman whilst undertaking the difficulties of social distancing due to Covid-19 and provides his audience with this special episode of Kurulus Osman for your enjoyment. Let us continue.

Our first scene opens with Kongar the mongol trying to track Osman down. Konuralp has proof that Balgay bought his brother Goktug (who is Kongar) from a slave bazaar after the mongols killed their parents. Konuralp hopes that this proof will convince Kongar that he really is a Turk and his Konuralp is his older brother. Konuralp will show Kongar the proof and hope that he it will change his loyalty to the mongols.

Bala Hatun tries to track down Princess Adelpha after she is kidnapped from the Kai Village.

Princess Adelpha was smuggled out of the Kai Village by horse and cart , still unconscious and in a drugged state. She is transported to the mansion of Alisar Bey.

Alisar Bey’s messenger who has a letter for Geyhatu telling him that he has the Princess is intercepted by Gunduz and Bamsi Bey but the messenger Zorba is murdered by an assassin sent by Alisar Bey.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles, Osman leaves his Alps in search of the Mongol Commander Boke.

Meanwhile a group of Margaret Church Byzantine monks travel through the countryside destined to meet with Commander Boke. One of the group leaders is addressed as Master Riso and he is a Turkish spy.

Master Riso’s cover is exposed within the Byzantine group without him finding out who the Byzantine leader is that has been chosen to sit on the throne of Constantinople. He fights his way out of a deadly situation but survives.

Gunduz becomes aware that Dundar Bey, his wife and Aygul were involved in kidnapping Princess Adelpha. He has always respected his Uncle but as his alliance with Alisar Bey becomes clearer his betrayal of the Kai people leads Gunduz to the fact that one day he may have to kill him.

Dundar Bey tries to protect Alisar Bey and himself after their messengers are captured and their messages intercepted. Dundar Bey does not want Gunduz to know that he and Alisar Bey have been involved with the mongols.

Dundar Bey welcomes his first born son Bahadir who now joins him in his fight for the leadership of the Kai nomad. He sends his son into the Kai nomad to act as his father’s enemy for everyone to see but on the contrary he will gain any information he can to help his fathers cause.

Boran Alp is sent to find Bala Hatun who is still searching the forest for signs of Princess Adelpha.

Meanwhile, Kongar comes face to face with his brother Konuralp. Konuralp tells his younger brother that he has not come to do battle with him but rather in the hope that he can persuade him to leave the mongols.

Konuralp shows his brother the Bill of Sale from the slave bazaar. Kongar’s memory is jolted and he can remember as a small child the mongols raiding his home and killing his mother and father. He remembers his mother telling him that his brother also has a half moon tattoo on his necks. Konuralp begs him to forget the mongols and take up his name of Goktug and become once again a Turk.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles, Dundar Bey’s son is welcomed into the Kai nomad by mostly everyone except Zohore. There is obviously a previous history between Bahadir’s mother Hazan Hatun and Zohore.

Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey prepare for Aygul’s wedding. Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey plan that on the night of her wedding Osman will be killed by Alisar Bey and the leadership will be taken from Gunduz and given to Dundar Bey.

Master Riso still wants to complete his mission to find the Byzantine leader. He mounts his horse and although wounded makes his way towards the Byzantine camp. Here he finally meets the Margaret Church monks and their leader Thesius.

Osman is also on the trail of the mongol Commander Boke and follows him to the Byzantine camp also.

Master Riso watches as the mongol Commander Boke arrives in the camp and is welcomed by Thesius who is the leader of the Margaret Church in Constantinople.

Osman listens as Thesius explains to Commander Boke that after Geyhatu marries Princess Adelpha, the Emperor of Constantinople will be killed.

Osman picks his time and attacks the camp and kills Thesius but also rescues Master Riso at the same time not knowing that he is his Uncle.

Osman is shocked when Master Riso reveals his identity as the son of Suleyman Shah, Sungur Tekin. Osman believed that his Uncle was dead and embraces him with renewed love and respect.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles, His Uncle tells Osman that he reminds him of his father Ertegrul, brave and smart.

Uncle Sungur will continue his stand against the mongols and leaves Osman to continue his pilgrimage to Constantinople. He promises Osman that he will return to Sogut once his duty is complete in the Byzantine capital.

Uncle Sungur tells Osman that he believes the person who may replace the Byzantine Emperor is Princess Sofia from Kuluchaiser Castle! Osman tells his Uncle that he still has yet to defeat Sofia at Kuluchaiser Castle and she may never get to step foot in Constantinople let alone be their Empress. Both men say their farewells and continue on their journey.

Out in the forest Bala Hatun runs straight into Sofia’s right hand girl Helen. Bala has been searching unsuccessfully for Princess Adelpha. Bala is attacked by Helen and her guards . She is chased through the forest and caught but is luckily rescued by Boran Alp and his men. Helen escapes into the forest. Bala feels guilty in losing Princess Adelpha as she was responsible for her protection. She has to return to the Kai nomad empty handed.

Bahadir and Dundar Bey still play the game of estranged father and son in front of Gunduz when they have actually reconciled their differences and have joined together to defeat Gunduz and Osman. Bahadir is somebody not to be trusted.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles, Princess Adelpha is brought to Alisar Bey and held in captivity until Geyhatu can be contacted..

Meanwhile, back at the Kai nomad Osman finally returns home. The first person he sees is Bahadir who tries to slyly ingratiate himself in Osman’s presence.

Later on Bala faces Osman and tells him how bad she feels in losing Princess Adelpha. She is ashamed and feels that she has let him down. He comforts her and promises her that in the end he will find the Princess.

Osman, Gunduz and Bamsi Bey confront Dundar Bey about the murder of Zorba, the messenger Alisar Bey’s sent to Geyhatu. Zorba also knew that Alisar Bey killed Batur Bey but he was murdered before he could say anything. Dundar Bey’s messenger Selkut was captured and taken to the Kai nomad for questioning.

Osman now only sees a traitor in the person of his Uncle. Swords are drawn as a confrontation occurs outside his Uncle’s tent.

Osman tells his Uncle that he has warned him many times about having an alliance with Alisar Bey. His Uncle’s decision to join him has split the Kais people down the middle. Osman could not believe that Dundar Bey has given his daughter to Alisar Bey in marriage and had plotted against his own people.

Osman stands up against his Uncle. He tells him that he does not agree that Aygul should marry Alisar Bey and he will fight to save her from her father’s decision. He believes that no Kais woman should be offered to a Mongol collaborator.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles, Meanwhile, at Alisar Bey’s mansion, Commander Boke arrives after he escaped with his life from his camp. He is agitated and angry when he tells Alisar Bey that Osman killed all of his Nokers and the Margaret Church monks.

Commander Boke advises Alisar Bey that when Geyhatu finds out about what Osman has done he will make Alisar Bey pay for his mistake.

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 19 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-04-29