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Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles

Once again Mehmet Bozdag undertakes the production of this episode whilst Turkey undergoes social distancing in the grip of COVID-19. Mehet Bozdag needs praise for this achievement considering the hardship. Most of our scenes you will notice are carried out in the forest.

To commence this episode we continue from last week where Osman has been captured by Alisar Bey whilst journeying with Boran Alp and Dundar Bey.

Osman’s promise to Dundar Bey was to get Alisar Bey to own up and admit that he killed Dundar Bey’s son. Osman had spoken with Aygul and thought that she trusted him but she betrayed him and set up an ambush. Osman and Boran Alp are now facing a life and death situation.

Osman’s fate is divided. Dundar Bey wants to kill him himself. Boke the mongol has been ordered to bring the captured Osman to Geyhatu who will execute him. Alisar Bey on the other hand would also dearly love to finish him off but a command from Geyhatu cannot be disobeyed.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles, Osman and Boran Alp are tied heavily with ropes and dragged on a bush trail and toward Konya and the mongol Geyhatu.

Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey along with the released Zohre Hatun are reunited with Aygul at the mansion.

Goktug/Kongar is sent to the mansion to gain information on Alisar Bey but is seen by Balgay’s guard. Goktug has no choice but to go into the forest with the Nokers to meet with Balgay. Balgay has no idea that Kongar/Goktug knows that when he was a small boy he was bought by Balgay at a slave market. At this time he allows Balgay to continue believing that he is still Kongar the mongol.

Balgay is not a happy man. Osman had tricked him into believing that he had the Genghis Khan laws when all the time they were a fake. In Konya, Balgay had been embarrassed in front of Geyhatu when he found out that the laws were a fake.

Geyhatu has placed an order for Balgay and his men to be found and killed.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles, The news that Osman is being taken to Geyhatu angers Balgay. He plans to go after him and take his revenge.

Meanwhile Osman and Boran are being dragged along the trail to Konya. Osman and Boran Alp are given a hard time by Boke who whips them continuously on their journey. Osman looks for a way of escape in every step he takes.

Gunduz is brought the news that Osman has been captured and their plan to have Dundar Bey face Alisar Bey for his crimes has failed. He gathers together Bamsi Bey and his Alps and rides out of the Kai Village on a rescue mission. He leaves Abdurrahman Ghazi in charge in his absence.

At the Kai Village, Abdurrahman Ghazi is set upon by Dundar Bey’s men. They try to kill him but they forget that he is a warrior and he easily overcomes his attackers. He sends them to the prison tent to await Gunduz’s return and their punishment.

In preparation for an attack on the Kai Village, Abdurrahman Ghazi has the men and women make weapons preparing themselves for physical combat if and when it comes.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles, On the Konya trail Boke is attacked by Balgay who captures Osman and Boran for himself. As much as Osman and Boran try there is no escape for them.

Osman is beaten by Balgay and is soon to be tortured to find out where the Genghis Khan laws are and for Balgay’s embarrassment in front of Geyhatu.

Meanwhile, Gunduz and Bamsi Bey are ambushed by Bahadir . Bahadir’s ambush fails and his guards are killed. Bahadir runs away into the forest with Bamsi Bey after him. He is caught by Bamsi Bey.

At Balgay’s camp on the Konya trail the courageous Osman undergoes a horrific test of torture. Balgay has him standing on Boran Alp’s shoulders with a noose around his neck. It is hard for Goktug/Kongar to stand and watch Osman in such a predicament. He hopes that help will arrive soon and Osman will be saved.

As Osman stands balanced on Boran’s shoulders, Balgay whips Boran out from under him causing Osman’s full body weight to draw the noose tighter around his neck.

Balgay releases Boran who quickly takes up his place under Osman’s hanging body releasing the tension on his neck. This torture is continued over and over again with Osman becoming weaker after every onslaught. In the end Osman has to promise to tell Balgay where the Genghis Khan laws are.

Meanwhile in the forest where Bahadir and Bamsi Bey are fighting it out, Bahadir lures Bamsi Bey into the sights of Burcin and her bow and arrows. Burcin shoots two arrows into Bamsi Bey’s body.


In Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles, Before Bahadir could completely slay Bamsi Bey help arrives in the form of Gunduz and his Alps.

Bahadir and Burcin run off into the woods leaving a wounded and broken hearted Bamsi Bey betrayed by two people he loved and whom he believed loved him.

Bahadir and Burcin escape the Alps and make their way to the mansion of Alisar Bey not being able to return to the Kai Village.

Balgay ceases Osman’s punishment and Boran is sent under guard by Goktug/Kongar to get the Genghis Khan’s laws. As luck would have it Goktug/Kongar is placed in charge of Boran. Kongar/Goktug secretly leaves Osman a small knife to help cut through his ropes before he leaves.

At the mansion the wedding of Aygul and Alisar goes ahead.

Bahadir and Burcin arrive back at the mansion to alert his father that their attack on Gunduz and Bamsi Bey failed.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles, Dundar Bey wants to attack but before he can make the effort he suffers a heart attack.

Dundar Bey recovers his heart attack and prepares for an attack even though he is still very weak.

At Sheik Edebali’s new camp Bala works alongside her father and helps him build the new Ahi lodge. Selcan Hatun journeys to the camp to speak with Bala about the real reason why Osman tried to stop Aygul’s wedding. Bala now knows that his goal was to get Dundar Bey to see that Alisar Bey is their enemy and responsible for his son’s death. Bala feels so much better now that she knows the truth.

Following the attack on Bamsi Bey by Bahadir and Burcin, Bamsi Bey is taken back to the Kai Village to have his wounds dressed. Abdurrahman Ghazi relates his story of being attacked also. His attackers are now prisoners in the prison nomad awaiting execution.

Bamsi Bey Gunduz and Abdurrahman Ghazi leave the Kai Village ready to confront Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey at the mansion gates.

In the forest Osman escapes Balgay by using the knife that Goktug/Kongar secretly gave him.

Balgay catches up with Osman and shoots an arrow deep into the middle of his back. Osman manages to escape on horseback but is severely wounded.

In the forest Boran is released by Goktug and together they turn back in search of Osman. In searching the forest floor they find his ring and also blood. They speed up their search knowing that Osman is wounded and needing their help.

Back in the forest Osman is on horse back and exhausted by his wounds. He has been terribly tortured, beaten and shot in the back with an arrow. He knows that Balgay is not far behind him and if he catches him he will surely kill him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles, He tries to hold on but in the end falls off his horse unconscious on the ground.

Osman cannot move but he can hear footsteps closing in on him. He lies on his stomach with the arrow protruding out his back. He suspects that Balgay has caught up with him?

Join Turk-Flix next week to see if Bamsi Bey and Gunduz get into the mansion gates or whether Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey are already waiting for them inside.

Osman has been through harrowing torture with Balgay. After escaping his torture is he to be caught once again by Balgay or has Boran Alp and Goktug found him first?

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 21 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-05-13