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Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles

At the conclusion of last week’s episode the mongols led by Subutay and the infidels led by Sofia had attacked the Kai village.

Balgay and Cerkutay lay hidden in the woods watching the battle unfold. They had earlier escaped attack by Osman.

Osman and his Alps had been warned by Hazal Hatun of the impending attack on the Kai nomad. Osman had time to prepare for the attack and surprised the unsuspecting raiders. He surrounds his enemy and defeats them in a savage battle of supremacy.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, The battle is long and physically exhausting. Women and men fight alongside each other until the last assailant is captured.

Osman overcomes Subutay in a one-on-one battle and is victorious and Bamsi Bey and his Alps take on Sofia and her guards. Osman beats Subutay slamming his shield into his face, over and over again until he is spent.

Bamsi Bey who is full of revenge beats Sofia to the ground. Sofia was responsible for the death of his son Aybars and the recent murder of Salvador. He wound have slain her where she stood but she is held for punishment by Osman.

Sofia is taken by Abdurrahman Ghazi to be placed in the prison nomad but on the way there Balgay and Cerkutay attack him and shoot two arrows into his body . He falls to the ground critically wounded and Sofia makes an escape on horse with Balgay. They head for the Kuluchaiser Castle.

Abdurrahman Ghazi is bleeding profusely from a wound to his upper arm, He calls to his Alps not being able to stand up. His continued cries brings Osman and Bamsi Bey to his aid. One look at him tells them that he is in a bad way.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Once the doctor had made his examination of his patient he tells Osman that the only way Abdurrahman Ghazi may live is to amputate his arm. Osman gives him the order to amputate to save his life.

Meanwhile back in the forest Konur Alp is critically ill. He has been stabbed by Kongar after Balgay had drugged him. He has managed to untie his ropes and as he stands over his heavily wounded brother he is drawn back to the memory of his childhood.

Konur can see the mental trauma that his brother is going through since being drugged. He begs him not to forget that he is a Turk and that his brother loves him . He asks him to remember that they share the same crescent moon tattoo on their necks. It seems that this remembrance awakens Kongar’s memory clearing his mind.

Back at the Kai village. Subutay is heard yelling for Osman to come to him. He is captured and tied to a wooden post awaiting Osman’s decision as to his punishment. Osman is in no mood to treat Subutay gently but he does release him. Subutay at this time is thinking that Osman is going to send him back to Geyhatu but that thought is far removed from Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Subutay taunts Osman with threats of what to expect from Geyhatu if he touches him. Osman is a powerful figure as he sizes up his enemy and begins to slaps him over and over again.

Bala stands as watches as her husband proudly defends the Turkish people. He swore to take Alisar’s life and he has also sworn to take Subutay’s life.

Within a circle of Alps and Kais, Osman stands as judge and executioner and severs Subutay’s head from his body. With the sound of “God is most great” resounding in his ears he stands victorious over his enemies body.

Hazal Hatun and Bahadir are up to no good. She makes a plan to take over the nomad with her brother when Geyhatu makes his attacks. Osman is aware that Hazal and her brother are suspicious. He orders all his men to keep their eyes open.

Aygul begins to remember that Hazal Hatun killed her mother and she plans her revenge.

At Kuluchaiser Castle, Sofia introduces her new soldiers to Balgay. At first sight they look like zombies, no emotion and no response. They feel no pain and will not die unless they take a vital blow. They have souls like the devil and eyes as red as blood. They are called the Reapers.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Abdurrahman Ghazi graphically has his arm amputated with Osman and his brothers holding his body down through the ordeal. This traumatic experience leaves them all sober minded and anxious for revenge.

Bahadir visits the Cobanogullari tribe where his uncle Yablak Hasan is awaiting news of the Kais.
His plan is to take over the nomad when Geyhatu has finished with Osman.

The village drum heralds the arrival of Konur Alp and his brother Kongar. Konur is in a very bad way and may lose his life. Kongar requests to stay with his brother. He also requests that if his brother dies and it is his turn to die he requests that Osman buries him at the foot of his brothers grave.

Kongar dedicates his life to Osman and tells him that his sword and blood are his from now on. Osman tells Kongar not to feel so much guilt and to raise his head in pride for his brother.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Kongar/Goktug says farewell and begs forgiveness from his brother. Both he and Osman are given his blessing before they continue their conflict.

There has been very little celebration for our newly married couple. Osman and Bala are once again to be separated as Osman leaves the Kai village to go in search of Balgay and Sofia.

Osman and his Alps ride in two groups. Osman and Boran are in the first group. Osman is hoping to flush Balgay out with the thought that the pack horses containing the Genghis Khan laws. He lets it be known that he is taking the treasures to Geyhatu. Of course Osman knows that Balgay will come after him.

The other group is headed by Bamsi Bey. He will keep his eyes out for Sofia and Balgay knowing they will come after Osman. What Bamsi Bey does not know is that Sofia is bringing The Reapers with her.

Whilst Osman and Kongar are out of the Kai village, Konur slips away after giving his body to Allah. He enters heaven as a martyr and is buried with many blessings from the Kai tribe.

While Osman makes camp hoping to lure Balgay into his trap, Bamsi Bey has surprised Sofia and stands with his Alps in confrontation. He can see that Sofia has new guards but he certainly does not know what they are virtually indestructible.


In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Sofia leaves the Reapers to take care of Bamsi Bey whilst she rides on with more soldiers to aid Balgay in his attack on Osman.

Bamsi Bey has his archers shoot many arrows into the Reapers and is shocked when he sees the arrows having no effect.

Bamsi Bey and his Alps attack the soldiers with renewed gusto. At the end of the fight the soldiers all look to be dead but just like zombies they rise to attack again. Bamsi Bey prays to Allah knowing that he is facing an evil force. His battle with the Reapers is fierce and ends up with Bamsi being injured and falling down a ravine.

Meanwhile at Osman’s campfire he is surrounded by Balgay , Cerkutay and his men. Balgay is most surprised when he sees Kongar standing beside Osman. Goktug /Kongar tells Balgay to come and get them. He wants revenge for Balgay taking his soul from him and making him fatally wound his brother. A fight to the end begins.

Goktug takes on Cerkutay and during their battle Goktug kills Cerkutay.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Osman’s battle with Balgay is fierce. Osman beats Balgay with his shield. He stands not too far away from his unconscious body in readiness to finally take his life.

At Osman’s campsite Balgay wakes from his beating. Osman gives Goktug/Kongar permission to be Balgay’s executioner. Goktug raises his sword and places it at Balgay’s throat. As Goktug lifts his arm to take Balgay’s head he is shot in the back by Sofia with an arrow.

Sofia and her Reapers have arrived to finish off Osman. This is the first time that Osman has seen the Reapers. Osman still has Balgay in a position to take off his head.

Balgay picks up his sword in an attempt to kill Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Osman turns and slices his body in one movement.

Sofia tells Osman that he did a good job in killing Balgay just as she did in killing Bamsi Bey. She tells him that they are all dead now. Sofia demands that he surrenders himself.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles, Osman reminds her that Turkish people will not surrender to an infidel. He raises his sword and gives the call “God is most great”.

From the bottom of the ravine Bamsi Bey wakes after his encounter with the Reapers. He climbs back up the hill to only find a couple of his Alps left alive. He rallies his Alps to finds horses and go urgently in search of Osman. He also sends a rider to warn the Kai village of the danger.

Well, this episode certainly was full of action. Join Turk-Flix next week to see if Bamsi Bey arrives in time to save Osman from certain death from Sofia and her Reapers.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-06-17