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Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles

Bamsi Bey has successfully saved Osman’s life after he is attacked by Flatius. Osman leaves Bamsi Bey to look for his brother Savci.

Ertugrul with the help of Adburrahman Gazi has rescued Goktug from the dungeons of Inegol Castle. He is taken to Osman until everything cools down.

Savci is on a mission to find Mongke so that he can return him to Geyhatu. He has been told that Mongke is being held in a dungeons on the coast of the Black Sea. Little does he know that Savci has been betrayed by Mongke and has been lured into a trap set by Taylak Aslan.

Osman believes that his place is beside his brother when it comes down to fighting the Mongols. He knows them so well. Although Ertugrul has told him not to go after Savci, Osman does not obey his father.

Goktug and Boran Alp await Osman to join them. The Holy Man Kungar Abdal joins them and gives them a map of where Savci is being held.

The drums of the Kayi tribe resound to the arrival of Bamsi Bey. The tribe is excited to see him after so long. Nobody can stop him from jurrying to the tent of Ertugrul. They fall into each others arms in brotherly love.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles, Three old warriors still stand strong together after all these years.

Bamsi Bey has been living underground over the last few years and taking care of the holy relics entrusted to him by Ertugrul. He tells Ertugrul that the relics are still safe and sound.

Ertugrul shares with Bamsi Bey how Osman is head strong and will not listen to him or the other leaders in the tribe. Ertugrul believes Osman must be punished for his disobedience just as he would any other Bey in the tribe.

Ertugrul gives Bamsi Bey a mission to construct a defence line around the nomad as protection.

Lena is Savci’s wife. She is pregnant and also works as a herbalist. She offers Bala Hatun an unusual herb that may help her become pregnant. Under tribal law if Bala Hatun cannot conceive a child for Osman then he must take a second wife. This situation deeply upsets Bala who knows that Osman will be very embarrassed knowing the women of the tribe are talking about them.

Meanwhile, in the coastal dungeon near the Black Sea, Mongke gets great delight in torturing Savci. Savci hoped he could take Mongke back to Geyhatu as he had promised but he is in a bad way and his only salvation is Osman.

Mongke tells Savci that he wants to be the leader of all the Mongols. There is no love lost between Geyhatu and Mongke and he has made a deal with Taylak Aslan to join him against his father.

The first Mongke knows that he is under attack is when he hears the Turkish cries echoing throughout the underground tunnel as they make their way towards the dungeon where Savci is being held. Savci knows that Osman is not far away.

Osman, Boran Alp and Goktug make an attack sparing nobody. They rescue Savci and capture Mongke. Savci thanks his brother for not listening to him and saving his life. He does warn Osman that their father will not take his disobedience easily and prepare him for his wrath.

Aya Nickola is incensed by Goktug being able to escape from his dungeon and Osman being able to escape from Flatius. He hoped that under the “eye-for-an-eye” agreement both would be dead by now. As a punishment, Aya Nickola decides to go after Gunduz.

It so happens that day that Gunduz leaves Kuluchaiser Castle and stops at the travellers inn. Aya Nickola finds him there and he is in one of his psychotic moods . He joyously stabs Gunduz in the back and drives his sword into his arm as punishment.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles, Aya Nickola vows to Gunduz that if he ever sees Osman or Goktug again he will kill them both.

Gunduz is near death and is transported back to the nomad.

At the same time the camp drums alert Geyhatu that they have a visitor. It is Osman’s holy man Kunga. At the very first sight of him Geyhatu doesn’t like him and wants to kill him. Kunga is not threatened by him and tells him that his weapons cannot hurt him. He tells Geyhatu that he is a servant in the army of God.

Kunga warns Geyhatu to leave the lands of the Turks or he will be destroyed by his invisible army. Geyhatu laughs at him and draws his sword in readiness to kill him. Kunga opens his arms and with his Moses like staff rains rocks on top of the Mongols in a devastating way.

Meanwhile, Savci and Osman have safely left the dungeons and have rested. Savci is most grateful to his brother for saving his life. Around their camp fire Osman tells his brother that he can now see that the game they play is much bigger than he thought. It even involves a father and son who are trying to kill each other.

Osman tells Savci that there is a third party involved in carrying out the plan. He believes that Mongke could not have done it all by himself. Osman shares his suspicions that he believes Taylak Aslan is that person.

Gunduz arrives at the Kayi nomad barely alive and is taken immediately into his tent to have his wounds treated. Ertugrul swears that when he deals with Geyhatu he will take care of Aya Nickola himself.

Geyhatu is embarrassed. He has been defeated by an old man and many rocks. He punishes his Nokers for not protecting him. He has searched for Osman and the holy man but can find them. He decides to go to the Kayi nomad himself to find him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles, On the road Osman meets up with his holy man who tells him that Geyhatu is marching on the Kais. Osman heads out quickly to meet with him.

The anxiety over Gunduz and the disappearance of Osman and Savci gives Ertugrul chest pains. Sure signs that he is unwell. If he were to die the decision of who will lead the Turks out of his three sons bothers him. He does not know at this stage who he would choose.

Taylak Arslan returns to the Kayi nomad. Nobody knows of course what has gone on at the dungeon by the Black Sea. He tells his sister that he has ordered his men to attack Savci and Osman in an attempt to rescue Mongke.

Taylak tells Ertugrul that Geyhatu is marching his way and Aya Nickola has his eyes on Kuluchaiser Castle and the Kayi nomad.

The anxiety of it all is too much for aged Ertugrul who collapses.

Later, Taylak Arslan tells his sister that today will be a day of murder and he plans to stand out as the winner at the end. Geyhatu will kill Ertugrul and his sons. Mongke will kill Geyhatu. Taylak will take over the Kais nomad and join forces with Mongke and Osman will take the blame.

The first part of Taylak’s plan fails when his soldiers are surprisingly attacked by Osman’s Alps. Savci identifies his attackers as Turks.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles, The tribe gather at Ertugrul’s nomad as he lies suffering with a high fever.

Geyhatu is not too far away. Taylak acts innocently in front of Dundar Bey and Bamsi Bey. It is clear that the nomad has no leaders that can handle Geyhatu. Gunduz is wounded and Ertugrul is very ill. They look to Dundar Bey for assurance. He tells them the Mongols are not too far away and he needs everybody to take up arms to protect their home.

The drums herald Geyhatu’s arrival.

Taylak tries to talk to Geyhatu but he will not be given the time of day. Another part of his plan that has failed.

Geyhatu addresses all the Kais from the steps of Ertugrul’s nomad. He tells them that he was promised by Savci that he would bring him his son but that has not happened. He demands to see Osman who he has heard has taken his son.

He is told that Osman is not there and that has not taken his son. It is hard for Dundar Bey to defend Osman when he has not seen him for days. Dundar tells him that Savci was sent to save his son and he has also not been seen for days.

Osman saves the day and the drums and the voice of his people herald his coming. He rides into camp like a true saviour of his people on the back of his magnificent horse.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles, Geyhatu’s hand is impatient on his sword as he sees the young man on his black steed ride into the nomad with such dominance. It is a stand-off between the two groups.

Osman gives Geyhatu the respect he deserves. He even wants to offer him a cold Ayran. Geyhatu openly asks him for his son. He is told that Mongke is not worth the greatness of his ancestor Genghis Khan.

Meanwhile, a note from Osman’s spy in Inegol Castle tells him that Aya Nickola is going to attack Kuluchaiser Castle. The note also tells him that there will be an attack from three sides. Helen who is Sofia’s right hand woman has entered the Castle and placed poison in all their food. By the time of the attack all the guards at Kuluchaiser should be dead.

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 32 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-11-04