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Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles

Osman rescues Savci and Dundar Bey from the clutches of Aya Nickola. Clearly, they can see now that Osman was right. They escape into the woods. Osman tells Savci that he will make them pay for every wound they inflicted on them.

Osman still blames his Uncle and brother for siding with Taylak Arsland. He is angry that he had to rescue them and doesn’t rub in “I told you so”. He rather tells them to return to their nomad.

Inside Kuluchaisar Castle, Goktug and Boran are trying to keep out of sight. Osman is preparing to reclaim Kuluchaisar Castle and they will be helping from the inside.

Flatius returns to Kuluchaisar Castle after failing to capture Osman after he rescued his Uncle and brother. Aya Nickola is not too pleased with him and places his head on the chopping block too. He doesn’t go through with it but strips him of his leathers. Aya Nickola is frustrated and will do anything to have Osman brought to him dead or alive, something he just can’t seem to make it happen.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles, Geyhatu has sent a message to Osman telling him that he is meeting with Taylak Arslan and Osman, Savci and Dundar Bey are invited to attend. Osman does not like to be told to obey and he certainly will not obey Geyhatu unless it suits his purpose.

On arriving back at the nomad Savci and Dundar Bey decide not to tell anybody about what happened to them. It is a little embarrassing for them after Osman told them what would happen if they went to Aya Nickola. Both have no faith in Osman when he tells them that he will reclaim Kuluchaisar Castle from the infidels. Osman is going to make sure that he shows them they are wrong and he will take Kuluchaisar Castle.

Savci is the one most affected by his treatment at the hands of Aya Nickola. He tells his wife back in their tent that Osman as a boy was always gutsy but now he has grown into a man he is brave, courageous and powerful with no care for his own life. Savci cannot get over the fact that Osman is his younger brother but challenges him in physical and mental power to lead the Kais.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles, Savci’s wife believes that Osman will try to kill Savci to obtain the leadership of the tribe. She draws his attention to the fact that he may have to kill him first.

Targun can see that Osman saved his Uncle and brother and he is a mighty warrior whereby she has to act as a spy for Aya Nickola and betray him. It can be seen that she admires Osman.

Meanwhile out in the woods Bamsi Bey has Cerkutay tied to a tree and he is beating him. Cerkutay has yet to reveal who the traitor is who kidnapped Osman, captured Savci and kidnapped Geyhatu’s son Mongke. After being worked on for quite some time Cerkutay finally tells him that it was Taylak Arsland. Osman receives this information about Taylak Arsland but it only confirms what Osman has always suspected.

Bala and Gonca keep an eye on Targun knowing that Osman suspects her of being a spy. She is followed and seen entering Kuluchaisar Castle. Osman is informed by Bala that his suspicions were right.

Targun on the other hand does not want to spy for Aya Nickola. Aya Nickola has her father in his dungeon and will not let him go until she has completed her mission and brought Osman to him. Her father is the Bey of the Kuman Turks and begs her not to betray the Turks but to take revenge for what has been done to him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles, As Targun returns to the nomad from the Castle, she finds Osman is waiting for her. He demands to know what she has ben up to behind his back.

Targun tells Osman that Aya Nickola keeps her father in his dungeons and if she doesn’t obey him he will kill him. The Kuman Turks have been held to ransom over her father’s imprisonment and Aya Nickola will not release him without Targun giving him Osman. Osman is compassionate towards Targun and tells her that they will not disappoint Aya Nickola.

Osman has not been aware that the women at the nomad that have been gossiping about Bala not being able to bear his child. They believe that Osman should choose another wife. Bala is so hurt by their suggestions but she can see that she may never give Osman a child. She tells Osman that if he doesn’t choose another wife for himself soon then she will select one for him. Of course to do this will break Bala’s heart but Bala knows that Osman in his greatness will need sons to help him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles, Osman returns to the nomad with Targun beside him. Tongues wag when they see them together.

Meanwhile, Geyhatu has sent another message to Osman telling him to make peace with Aya Nickola. If he doesn’t he will ride to Sogut and wipe out the Kais. Gunduz believes Osman should do as Geyhatu’s orders but knowing Osman, he will not be told what to do.

Goktug and Boran continue securing gunpowder and weapons for the planned attack on Kuluchaisar Castle.

Lying on his death bed, Ertugrul gets daily news about what is going on in the camp. Abdurrahman Gazi updates him on how Osman will not stop from taking Kuluchaisar Castle back off the infidels. Savci, Dundar Bey and Gunduz want to side with Taylak Arsland while Osman follows his own principles and will not obey his authority.

Osman holds his father’s hand and speaks to him telling him that the fire he lit for the Turks will continue to burn in his sons and they will carry his flame with them throughout the land.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles, Aya Nickola leaves the Castle in the hands of Helen as he leaves for his meeting with Taylak Arslan.

At a family dinner that night Osman calls Targun Hatun into the tent. Osman addresses his family and tells them that he has made a decision and Targun Hatun has agreed to be his wife and give him an heir. This is heart breaking news for Bala but this is what she wants. She has not been able to give Osman an heir in all these years and it is a necessary he has children. She prays that Targun will give him a son.

Although Bala and Osman are hurt about the decision they feel content. Bala doesn’t want Osman to go too far away from her. She knows that Osman leaves for Kuluchaisar Castle and asks if she can come with him. At first he would not agree thinking that she may want to kill herself, but then he changes his mind. Osman makes her promise that she will stay safe and not endanger herself while she is there. She gives him her promise. He draws her into his arms. There is something in Bala’s eyes that tells you that she may not do as she promised.

Flatius has been given a mission by Aya Nickola to live in the woods and kill anybody who comes to the Kai nomad and who leaves the Kai nomad. Keeping his eye out always for Osman.

The meeting with Taylak Arsland goes ahead in his hunting tent. Dundar Bey, Savci and Gunduz have already arrived. Taylak advises them that he has been chosen as a peace maker by Geyhatu. Once again while the Turks sit discussing their problems, Osman is ready for action.

Aya Nickola joins the peace talks. He notices immediately that Osman is not present even though he was invited. Little does Aya Nickola know that Osman is gathering his men together in the woods in readiness to ride into Kuluchaiser Castle.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles, Osman leads his Alps, Bala and Aygul in prayer before they attack preparing their souls for martyrdom if necessary.

Inside the Castle Goktug and Boran ask God to bless them as they prepare to open the gates for Osman and his Alps to gain entry. They fight bravely against the castle guards.

Goktug manages to open outer gate and begins cranking open the inner gate. It is a dangerous position as he is exposed to soldiers on the ramparts. Goktug takes many arrows in his attempt to raise the gates.

Outside Osman and his Alps are on their horses and in full gallop towards the castle gates. The gates are not quite open yet.

Goktug with his last remaining strength manages to raise the gates high enough to let Osman in.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles, Osman and his Alps ride freely into the Castle to reclaim it for the Kais.

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 36 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-12-02