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Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles

Osman finds out that Batur Bey (who is Dundar Bey’s son) had betrayed him. Dundar Bey, Gunduz, and Batur Bey had taken the only person that could tell him who killed Aybars and Tekfur and given his prisoner back to Sofia.

Osman could not let this betrayal go unpunished. His standing within the tribe would be looked upon as cowardly. He could not let this act of treason go unpunished. In an uncontrolled rage, he punishes Batur Bey by thrusting his dagger deep into his chest. Batur Bey lies in his tent fighting for his life with his mother swearing revenge for what he has done to her son. Normally anyone who spills Kayi blood pays with his life.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, The word soon gets around to Gunduz (who is Osman’s brother) about the attack. He places Osman under guard and chains him in the middle of a cage-like tent.

Osman swears that Gunduz will pay for his treason and that his actions are only a taste of what is going to happen in the future. He believes his father would have done the same thing. It is only Bamsi Bey who stands beside him and swears to protect him.

The Alps bring the news that the Ahis Village Bazaar has been attacked with very few survivors. Osman pleads to let him go to look for Bala but his brother keeps him chained only to be released at his pleasure. Fortunately, he has Bamsi Bey on his side who releases him and aids his escape.

Bala has fallen into big trouble. Although she is trained in fighting like a warrior she is no match for her Catalonian captors. She successfully escapes but is captured once more and dragged back to their camp.

Meanwhile, Osman leaves the Kayi Village on horseback along with Bamsi and a few of his most trusted alps. On the trail, they meet Tursun the Monk who along with Bala and Gonca stole the holy treasures from Sofia. The Monk tells Osman that Bala has been kidnapped and he doesn’t know where they have taken her.

Osman asks the Monk to go back to Kuluchaiser Castle and his chapel. He believes that he will be captured when Sofia realizes the connection between Bala and the Monk. He also believes the Monk will eventually be taken to Bala if they torture him and he doesn’t tell them anything. Osman sends two of his alps to watch over the Monk in the hope that he is right.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, Osman rides to the safety of Samsa Bey’s tribal village which offers strong support to Osman’s leadership. He is openly welcomed in the camp.

Osman accepts Samsa’s hospitality while waiting for news of the Monks captivity. As soon as word is received that the Monk has been moved he will leave the camp and hope to rescue both her and the Monk.

Unfortunately for Bala her attempts on escaping find her placed in leg irons and chains. Princess Sofia arrives to take her to Master Yannis for questioning. Bala has received harsh treatment and isn’t conscious.

Sofia turns over her unconscious body and immediately recognizes Bala as the woman who was dressed in a black nun’s habit and in the company of the Monk of Kuluchaiser Castle. She saw the two nuns and the Monk inside the castle the night that the holy relics were stolen. She makes the connection between Bala and the Monk.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, Bala tries to escape Sofia’s clutches but this time is knifed in the shoulder for her trouble. She lies on the ground once more unconscious.

Sofia orders Prince Salvador to take Bala to Master Yannis while she returns to the Castle to deal with the Monk. It is not long after Sofia returns to the Castle that the Monk is arrested. Osman’s two Alps watch as he is led away to the dungeons.

At the Kuluchaiser Castle, Aliser Bey arrives with his armed men after visiting the Ahis Bazaar. He believes that somehow Sofia is behind the attack but cannot prove it. He warns her that if he finds out who is responsible they will be punished by his sword. Sofia tries to get him to believe that it was the Kais who was to blame and Osman in particular. Aliser Bey demands that Sofia accompany him to the Kayi Village to talk to Dundar Bey.

Alisar Bey, Princess Sofia, and Commander Kalanos arrive at the Kayi Village to speak with Dundar Bey after Sofia falsely accuses Osman and his tribe of killing everyone in the Bazaar. They arrive with many armed soldiers. Although the visit is friendly Sofia has only one goal and that is to find Osman. She is not happy to hear that Osman is no longer in the Village after escaping his punishment and breaking his chains. The threat of outright war seems close at hand and although Dundar Bey tries his utmost to keep the peace he can see the situation is very volatile.

Having his Uncle, his brother and Batur go against his leadership has fuelled Osman into believing that war is the only way to achieve freedom. Samsa Bey is only one tribe that supports war, there are others. Osman swears to Bamsi that soon his sword will see much blood and the son of Ertugrul will start the fire and resurrect the sleeping Turks.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, The news is brought back to Osman that the Monk has been taken to the dungeons. Osman believes that in the morning they will move him to where Bala is being held captive.

Bala wakes to find herself in a cave and chained to a chair. She is in a bad way after suffering some very rough treatment. She is hazy but can see Master Yannis making a potion. He demands she tell him where the treasures are. She refuses to answer any of his questions. He gets great joy in telling her that after drinking his potion she will tell him everything and then will slowly die. Master Yannis explains that he has an antidote also but she will only receive this if she gives up the hiding place of the treasures.

Bala is held back while Yannis forces her mouth open and pours in the poison. The poison takes effect immediately and Bala has induced her into a drug-induced stupor.

Bala whispers that Osman will come and save her but Yannis tells her that nobody can save her now.

Meanwhile Tursun the Monk is being tortured in the dungeons by Kalanos and Sofia. He is tortured severely but still, he tells them nothing of the whereabouts of the holy treasures. Sofia orders that he is taken to Yannis for further torture. This is exactly what Osman wants. He has placed his Alp in readiness to follow them and waits for the location of his enemy.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, That evening Sheik Edebali comes to Osman with a vision of building his self-esteem giving him the courage to forge his dream of a unified Turkish country.

Bala is continually in pain by Yannis’s torture. He cannot get any information out of her. She believes she is about to die and prays for her soul. Tursun is delivered to Yannis for further torture in front of Bala. Tursun refuses to acknowledge that he knows Bala. Bala on the other hand is given another drink of the poison created by Yannis.

Osman is on his way thundering towards the cave after Boran brings him the location of the cave. He knows that speed is of the essence if he is to save Bala and Tursun from death.


In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, Osman finally arrives at the cave and quickly subdues the guards. He hopes he has arrived in time to save them.

Inside the torture room, Yannis tries to strangle Bala. She tells him that Tursun and herself are willing to die and protect the whereabouts of the treasure. It’s whereabouts is only known by her father, Ebedali.

The Monk Tursun is tortured and a dagger is plunged into his body in front of Bala’s eyes. Tursun swears to Yannis that the wooden sword of Yesevi will be used to end his days on this earth.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, Osman and his men have entered the cave.

They are fighting their way through the tunnels. Osman shows no quarter in his attack. Yannis can hear the calls of his guards alerting him that Osman is on his way. Bala is semi-conscious with the strangulation ropes still tied around her neck. She whispers Osman’s name to herself knowing that he is coming for her.

Yannis, like all cowards, makes a hasty retreat before he is found taking the antidote with him.

Osman’s eyes cannot believe what he see’s. His Bala sits chained to a chair with a rope around her neck, a knife wound in her shoulder and barely hanging onto life.

Osman finds a note from Yannis telling him that Bala will die in 3 days from the poison he has given her and only he has the antidote. Yannis goes on to tell him that if he brings him the holy treasure he will give him the antidote and he can save her life.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles, Bala barely holds on to life and whispers to Osman to let her die but Osman asks her not to succumb to the drug but to hold on until he can return with the antidote. Then he will never let her out of his sight again.

The cave delivers Osman a clue as to who Master Yannis is. He picks up the beautiful hand-painted plate that Bala kindly gave to an old man at her stall in the Ahis Bazaar. He remembers him well. He told Bala that he did not trust him at the time. He now can put a face to the name of Master Yannis. He will hunt him down.

Osman orders Bala to be taken to his tent at the tribal village to be cared for whilst he goes looking for Yannis. He tells Bamsi and Samsa that he is going to kidnap Princess Sofia and use her as a bargaining tool for the antidote and then save Bala’s life.

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Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 4 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2019-12-11