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Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles

Targun knows that she can never marry Osman if she isn’t a Muslim. Although she has been shown the steps to becoming a Muslim she shows no spiritual desire to accompany her oaths.
Bala does not trust Targun and tells her to stay away from her man.

Last week Bamsi Bey told Osman that he was going to let him in on a secret which can only be told to the Bey of the Kais. Bamsi Bey takes Osman to the secret cave with the secrets he has protected all his life.

In the hidden cave Bamsi Bey educates Osman on the historic ancestral documents. These documents will help Osman unite the tribes. Osman tells Bamsi Bey that he will give his life for a free State for his people.

Pedro and Metin have been successful in helping Flatius to escape. Idris who is pretending to be a Turkish Bey nut reallyis a Roman Priest seeking to bring down the Turks. The two men watch as Bamsi Bey and Osman ride past on their way to the cave and they follow them.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles, Meanwhile, Boran and Goktug have just found out that Flatius has escaped the prison tent. Goktug is angry as he has just been given the honour of leading the Alps by Osman and on his first day of duty he loses Flatius.

At the Kai nomad, the women gather together and welcome Bala as their leader and wife of their Bey. Bala is proud of her new position. Her instruction to the women is to tell them that she wants them all to read and write and in return to then teach their children. Bala is honoured by the women and they share sherbet together. Unfortunately the sherbet has been poisoned by Targun.

Osman leaves Bamsi Bey in the hidden cave and returns to the nomad. He is told by Goktug that Flatius has escaped. Osman tears strips off Goktug. He is angry and has to face Dundar Bey and Savci when they make fun of his leadership which has only just begun.

Osman is taken by surprise when his Bala enters his tent unannounced. One look at her tells him that something is wrong. He is quick to grab her as she falls to the floor unconscious.

It is obvious that Bala has been poisoned. Targun rushes into the room and tells Osman that she has experience in these things and provides an antidote. Osman leans over his Bala and calls her “his rose”. He then begins to pray for her.

Bala regains consciousness after taking the antidote. Targun Hatun also shows she is grateful that Bala has survived but deep down the truth is that she hoped that she would die. Osman remembers the poison that Targun had given him when she was asked to poison the Beys. He looks Targun in the eyes and orders Targun to be locked up in the prison tent.

Meanwhile, the armed men have tracked down the hidden cave. They thought there was only an old man inside but they are confronted by Bamsi Bey who is out of his mind with rage that his sanctuary has been compromised. Not one man leaves the cave alive but Bamsi Bey receives a severe injury to his sword arm. With the help of Cerkutay and Abdurrahman Gazi the holy relics are transported back to the nomad.

Bala is very ill but Osman does not leave her side. He is lucky she is alive. She looks deep within his eyes and tells him that she has been unable to give him an heir which is her greatest wish. He tells her he wants to wait until they have a child together. Bala is not as positive as Osman about that prediction and tells him that if he had an heir nobody would have the need to kill her. He tells her not to worry about having an heir but to just think about their love.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles, That night as Osman waxes his bow he is thoughtful about the events of the day and the big job that lies before him.

Osman is brought news that Dundar Bey has met up with Aya Nickola in secret. This news infuriates Osman as he can see that Dundar Bey still wants to be the Bey of the Kais and is prepared to betray his people.

Targun is brought before Osman. She confesses that she loves him and wants him to marry her and she was frightened that he was going to turn her away. Her passion for him is strong but he tells her that there is only one love in his life and that is Bala and she has sealed his love in him forever.

Targun now feels that her love has been spurned by Osman. She is jealous of his desire for his wife. Her anger bursts from her and she tells him she wishes that she had not given Bala the antidote to the poison. Osman slaps her to the ground and tells her if she was not a woman he would have taken her life on the spot. He exiles her and her father from the Kais nomad.

He then turns to Goktug who has been watching what was going on. He tells him that he is disappointed in him for losing their enemy. His anger is extreme and he exiles Goktug also from the nomad. He slaps Goktug to the ground also and tells him to never return.

Bala cannot understand why Osman let Targun go free nor why he banished Goktug from the nomad. Bala believes that anybody else would have been executed on the spot yet he let Targun go. She feels a little jealous and angry with her husband but Osman explains that there are some things that he alone knows and she will have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, Dundar Bey returns from seeing Aya Nickola. Boran has been on the lookout for him to return and immediately tells him that Osman wants to see him. Dundar Bey is nervous as he sees Savci, Gunduz and Osman awaiting for him and Osman looks tense.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles, Osman orders Boran to remove any weapons from Dundar Bey. Osman orders Dundar Bey to tell him why he went to see Aya Nickola. Dundar Bey tells him that Aya Nickola wants him to kill Osman. He tells Osman that he agreed to everything to let him believe he was a traitor.

Dundar Bey tells Osman that he wanted Aya Nickola to trust him so that he can be drawn into an ambush. Osman shakes with anger that Dundar Bey would go behind his back and not tell him what he is doing. In front of everyone Osman takes his bow string and wraps it around Dundar Bey’s neck. He draws tighter and tighter swearing that there will be no traitors in his nomad and warns everyone that he will be told everything in future and there will be no secrets .

Bamsi Bey returns to the nomad wounded but with his precious holy relics safe. Bamsi Bey tells Osman that there is a traitor in the nomad who knew that they were travelling to a secret place and had them followed. Bamsi Bey takes this opportunity to give Osman the Last Will and Testament of his father. He feels proud to read that Ertugrul left the Beylic to him and had faith in him. At the end of his Will, Ertugrul orders Osman to marry another woman so he can have an heir.

The two romans wonder around the Kais nomad quite freely without anybody being suspicious of them. Osman has befriended them and thinking they are merchants gives them a shop in Sogut to sell their goods.

Meanwhile, Dundar Bey is infuriated and embarrassed by the punishment dealt to him by his nephew. He is filled with revenge against Osman. He discusses a plan with his wife to ask for forgiveness so he can remain close to Osman but he will be like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He tells his wife she has to do the same thing and when the time is right he will take the bow that Osman wrapped around his neck and strangle him with it.

That evening at a special dinner hosted by Osman, Dundar Bey asks Osman to forgive him. Osman accepts his request to be forgiven and tells him that it cannot happen again. The dinner is designed to bring an end to the fighting within the family. Bala is sufficiently recovered to sit at the dinner. This is the first time that the family have broken bread together without anger or arguments. They all agree to make an effort to get along together.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles, Osman is told that people are moving across the land heading west. Osman calls them wise people. The people are going to create the new city of Medresa. Osman considers that Medresa will require new states and he leads you to believe that he just may create the first Turkish State.

Osman tells his brothers that before anything else he is going to take Inegol Castle. It is a difficult task as it is heavily fortified. He will have to persuade his fathers friends who are all Beys to join him.

Bamsi Bey and Cerkutay are becoming quite close. Cerkutay treats Bamsi Bey like a father figure. Bamsi Bey tells Cerkutay that he will train him to be the next Bamsi Bey to fight alongside Osman. Cerkutay accepts the challenge.

Osman orders Savci to meet with Aya Nickola and tell him that he wants to make peace. The goal being to draw Aya Nickola out of Inegol Castle.

Bayhoca asks Osman if he can join him. He is very young but Osman will gives him permission if his mother and father agree.

Aya Nickola and the two romans make plan to murder all the Beys as they travel to Sogut for a meeting with Osman the following day. The goal of the meeting is to unite. They send Flatius to murder all the Beys before they can get to the meeting. Flatius leaves a small boy to tell Osman the story of what happened when the boy arrives in Sogut.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles, In Sogut, Osman arrives to the joyous shouts of “long live Osman Bey” and “welcome” from the villagers. Osman promises them prosperity.

Taylak Arsland joins Osman and his Alps at the bazaar in Sogut. Taylak tells him that he is ready to join him to conquer Inegol Castle.

Osman notices there are not many Beys at the bazaar. He then hears the cries of a small boy as he leads his dead father into the bazaar. The small boy tells Osman that his father was murdered as he was on his way to join his battle.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles, The two romans are also at the bazaar at their new shop given to them by Osman. Petros leans over and whispers to Metin that Osman has seen nothing yet.

Just as Petros predicted a wagon loaded with the bodies of dead Bey’s enters the bazaar. It is obvious to Osman that they have been betrayed once more by a traitor within their nomad. There is a note secured to the wooden wagon. The anonymous note reads that this is only the start and it will continue until every Turk is dead.

Osman’s answer to the note is that he will take revenge for every one of the Beys that have been murdered. They were his father’s friends. He swears there will be blood or his name cannot be called the true son of Ertugrul Bey.

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2021-01-06