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Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles

Bayhoca is the son of Savci and Lena. He wants so badly to be treated as one of Osman’s trusted Alps. He follows the Alps everywhere and tells them that he never wants them to go into battle without him.

Osman and Bala have come to an understanding that Osman will look for another wife. It is tradition that the wife of the ruling Kais must be able to have children and this is something Bala has not been able to do.

Having another wife is not something Osman really wants to do but he must obey his father’s instructions given to him in his Will. This decision not only breaks Bala’s heart but Osman’s also. A new sadness has crept into their lives for the first time since they were married.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles, At dinner that evening Bala requests that Osman allow her to find a new wife for him.

Bala advises Osman that she is opening a market stall in Sogut for the poor.

Meanwhile at Inegol Castle the ruling Tekfur’s in the land arrive for a meeting with Aya Nickola who has been crowned Tekfur of all Tekfur’s. Aya Nickola will be in charge of a new crusade and he has declared war on the Turks.

Osman and Taylak Arsland decide to put together a raiding group of Islam warriors that will be specifically chosen to only fight the raiding groups of Mongols sent by Geyhatu.

Osman’s new flag for his Islamic State is made and presented to Osman. Osman is pleased with it. Aygul is placed in charge of making the new flags.

Osman sends his most trusted Alps led by Boran on a mission to Inegol Castle. This is their first mission without Osman. They are asked to gain entrance to Inegol Castle and kill the Tekfurs. Osman tells them not to disappoint him and they must take full responsibility and not get caught.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles, Bayhoca sees Osman’s Alps saddling up their horses in readiness for mission. He so dearly wants to go with them and leaves the nomad to follow them. He does not know the extent of the danger he is going to put himself and the Alps in.

Meanwhile Bala has begun her charity stall in Sogut. She has donations from other ladies. One of these generous ladies brings many items for the poor and requests to be allowed to serve the poor as well. Her name is Aksu. This unselfish nature of Aksu warms Bala to her. Could she be a possible candidate for Osman’s second wife?

At Inegol Castle the Tekfurs have their first meeting with Aya Nickola. They discuss a plan of action to defeat Osman. Aya Nickola tells them that he will amass a great army made up of christians, mongols and kuman turks and they will crucify Osman.

Bala finds out that the young woman with the kind heart lives in Sogut. She is told that her father is dead and she lives with her mother. Aksu tells Bala that she has had many suitors but she felt that fate has somebody else in mind for her. Bala tells her that fate might be leading her to a suitor more sooner than she thinks! It seems like Bala believes that Aksu is a good candidate for Osman’s second wife, although Bala will have many tests for her to undertake.

Later that day, Hazal Hatun meets with Aksu. It seems that Hazal Hatun is one step ahead of Bala. She is the one who has paid Aksu to act as an innocent young woman while all along she is being paid to do a job. Hazal Hatun promises her that if she plays her cards right and gets past Bala Hatun then she could find herself the wife of the great Osman Bey.

Osman’s new flag is not welcomed by all. Bamsi Bey, Dundar Bey, Savci and Gunduz knew nothing about this flag and are not happy to see the blue Kai flag taken down. Osman explains that every tribe has their own flag and he wants to unite them all under one Islamic flag as war begins and a new State is created.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles, After his explanation nobody can doubt the wisdom of the new flag. Osman’s dream of a new State will become a reality and with the help of God it will be created.

Boran and the Alps gain access into Inegol Castle dressed as musicians. Bayhoca uses the same guise and follows them into the Castle. He surprises them but places them in a dangerous position as now they have to keep him safe as he is the son of Savci Bey.

Osman’s Alps have a plan to kill each of the Tekfurs but when they enter their rooms they find they have fallen into a trap and soldiers are waiting for them. They are captured and taken to the dungeons and tortured.

Unfortunately Osman had hoped Boran and his Alps would have completed the task that he set for them successfully but instead he is brought the news that they have been caught.

Osman has help from the deaf and dumb servant in the castle and his daughter to enter Inegol Castle. He is shown into the dungeons where he will try and save his men.

As Osman approaches the cells he can here his men being beaten by the guards. He attacks the guards and sets is men free. He questions Boran as to how the Tekfurs knew that they were coming for them. Boran cannot answer his question but he does tell Osman that Bayhoca had followed them into the castle.

Osman is now confronted with the news that his nephew has been captured also. If he goes after Bayhoca it may lead to all of them being discovered. Rescuing Bayhoca is not going to be as easy for Osman as the job of rescuing his Alps. Osman knows that when Aya Nickola finds out that Bayhoca is Osman’s nephew he will use him to get to Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles, Bayhoca begs Aya Nickola to kill him but Aya Nickola tells him that he has caught himself a big fish and he will keep him to draw his Uncle Osman into his net.

Osman tells Boran and his Alps that Bayhoca must have been captured by Aya Nickola and made to talk and that is why they walked into a trap. Osman believes Bayhoca must have told Aya Nickola about the Alps attempt to kill the Tekfurs. What they don’t know is that Bayhoca would rather die than betray his Uncle Osman.

Osman leads his Alps out of Inegol Castle and to safety, leaving Bayhoca behind in the hands of Aya Nickola. He tells his Alps that he will have to come back for him.

At the Kai nomad Lena and Savci know their son went after Osman’s Alps. The pray that he will return safely.

Osman brings them bad news when he tells Lena and his brother that Bayhoca is a captive of Aya Nickola. Osman tells them that Bayhoca is alive but he knows that Aya Nickola will use him as a tool to get to Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles, Lena and Savci are savagely angry that Osman left Bayhoca at the Castle and did not attempt to rescue him. Lena wishes that Osman was in her son’s place.

A message is received from Aya Nickola telling Osman that if he doesn’t give Kuluchaisar Castle back to him then he will execute Bayhoca.

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Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 43 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2021-01-27