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Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles

Targun Hatun is now the leader of the Kuman Turks and Goktug has joined her. Flatyos also has the Kuman Turks on his side. Together they plan to finish Osman off.

Aya Nickola plans to raid the Kai nomad and Dundar Bey is going to help him do it. Dundar Bey remembers Osman putting the string of his bow around his neck and telling him that if he ever betrays the Kais again he will kill him.

According to the documents that Ertugrul left to Osman, there are three tribes of Turks in the Ankara area who are ready and prepared to go to war with him. Osman wants to invite them to join him and create a bigger army of Turks to fight under his new flag.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles, Idris the Priest is a traitor and lives in the Kai nomad. He plans with Aya Nickola to lure Bamsi Bey out of the nomad and into his hands.

Aya Nickola has a set plan involving Targun. He tells her to kill Bala Hatun who is on her way to the Sogut market.

Meanwhile in his tent, Osman faces Bala and tells her that he will not accept Aksu as a possible wife. He lets her know that the mother of his children will have to be a daughter of a Bey. He will not accept anything less. This gives Osman more time before he has to choose a new wife.

At the Sogut Caravan Inn, Flatyos kills every Turk. Flatyos is suspicious of Goktug loyalty to Targun. Goktug looks at the dead bodies surrounding him and doesn’t like what he sees but he has no choice but to be a part of it.

Osman and his Alps ride for a meeting with the Tekfur of Koyunhisar. Osman asks if he can graze his animals on the Tekfur’s land. He offers him 3000 gold coins to be allowed to do so. The Tekfur tells Osman he will give him his decision in 3 days and for Osman to return for his answer.

Osman has him pegged. He knows that in 3 days time the Tekfur and Aya Nickola would have a trap ready for Osman to fall into. Osman sends a message to Taylak Aslan and tells him of the meeting and for him to take care of it. It is time to shed blood.

Bamsi Bey is lured out of the nomad alone by Idris in the hope of getting some more cream to help Bamsi Bey’s hand. They are ambushed by Aya Nickola. Bamsi is very brave and is ready to be martyred. He was not prepared for Idris to stab him in the back.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles, Aya Nickola wounds Idris so that he can return to the nomad and continue as his spy for him. Bamsi Bey is heavily wounded but Aya Nickola allows him to escape knowing that Osman will come looking for him.

Meanwhile, Bala Hatun and Gonca are on their journey to the market in Sogut. They are attacked by Targun and her Kuman Turks. The assassin was supposed to kill Bala but he misses. Targun then sends in her Turks to finish the job. Gonca is wounded in the fight and Bala Hatun sends Aksu to find Osman.

Bala and Gonca have had to run for cover with Targun and her Kuman Turks searching the woods for them.

Although Bala fights bravely with Targun and wins Targun makes her escape.

Finally Osman who was told about the danger Bala was in by Aksu comes to their aid. Unfortunately Boran finds a critically injured Gonca lying on the ground.

Gonca is transported back to the nomad and placed in the healing tent along with Aksu Hatun.

Idris is sent back to the nomad wounded. He tells Osman of how Bamsi Bey and he were both wounded by Aya Nickola. Osman gets the gut feeling that there has been a traitor working behind the scenes who lured Bamsi Bey out of the nomad. Osman suspects idris as being that traitor.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles, Osman has no choice but to go after Bamsi Bey and hope he finds him alive.

Meanwhile, Targun returns to the Kuman Turk camp. She tells Goktug that they will be sneaking into the Kai nomad and stealing Osman’s ancestral documents. Targun tells him that Osman has been lured out of the nomad in search of Bamsi Bey which will leave the nomad unprotected.

We now know that Goktug has not been kicked out of the Kai nomad by Osman but rather on a secret duty given to him. Goktug goes along with any plans Targun makes and will be by her side when she secretly sneaks into the Kai nomad to steal Osman’s documents. He has to be careful that he doesn’t give himself away.

Back at the nomad the only protection they have from the Kuman Turks is Dundar Bey. As we know Dundar Bey has been offered a deal by Aya Nickola to let him into the nomad.

The Kai nomad drums herald visitors. Targun and Goktug accompanied by Kuman Turks dress in disguise and enter the nomad dressed as merchants. Dundar Bey lets them in.

Aya Nickola knows Osman well. He has set Bamsi Bey up as his bait. He waits for Osman to come and rescue him. Osman finds the father like figure of Bamsi Bey lying against a tree unconscious. It is not long before he realises that he has walked into a trap and he is outnumbered.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles, Aya Nickola gets pleasure in telling Osman that he has sent Targun into the Kai nomad and the nomad is now under their control.

At the nomad, Dundar Bey leads the group into the tent as he would if they were merchants. His betrayal allows Targun and her Turks to take captive Bala, Lena, Aksu Hatun and Hazal Hatun and Dundar Bey.

Goktug is in a difficult position. He cannot give away that he really is spying for Osman. He goes along with Targun and they steal Osman’s documents. Goktug tries to get Targun to keep the documents herself but she will not agree. The documents have to go to Aya Nickola as planned.

Bala Hatun cannot see her husbands most precious documents stolen. When she gets the opportunity she takes her knife and rams it into Goktug’s chest believing him to be a traitor. In return Targun kills Aksu Hatun.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles, Gunduz is out of the nomad but has been warned that the nomad is under attack. He returns to the nomad as fast as he can. He brings with him Bala’s father and the Holy Man.

Meanwhile, Osman Bey is surrounded by Aya Nickola and his soldiers as he tried to rescue Bamsi Bey. Bamsi Bey has received a wound but he is still agile enough to fight. As they have done on many occasions they turn their backs to each other and prepare to become martyrs.

We have to wait until our next episode to see if Gunduz arrives on time to save Bala and the others and whether Osman finds out that Dundar Bey has betrayed him. There is also Osman and Bamsi Bey who are prepared to fight to the death.

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 45 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2021-02-10