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Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles

Bamsi Bey and Osman Bey are saved from Aya Nickola by a young woman and her Alps. Her name is Malhun Hatun and she is the daughter of Umur Bey who has much respect for Ertugrul Ghazi. Her father has sent her as en envoy to Osman as he could not come himself. She is a fine archer and stands with power and pride when she speaks to him.

Meanwhile at the Kai nomad, Targun has gained access into Osman’s tent. Targun has to save her own life so she takes Dundar Bey, Bala, Lena and Hazal Hatun as hostages.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles, The tribe has no other choice but to watch otherwise Targun will cut Bala’s throat. They piled into a cart and driven out of the nomad with Goktug sitting in the back near Bala and holding Osman’s chest of precious documents.

Targun lets all the hostages go excepting for Bala. Bala later finds out that Goktug didn’t betray Osman but rather has been working incognito for him. With Bala in the cart he secretly passes her a knife to cut her ropes. Bala now understands that Goktug isn’t a traitor.

Targun prepares to kill Bala but is taken by surprise when Bala produces a knife and stabs her.

It is quickly seen that Goktug is not a traitor when Osman puts his arms around him and thanks him for protecting Bala.

Bala is quite traumatised by her ordeal and after all the Kuman Turks are defeated she throws herself into her husbands arms for comfort. From a distance Malhun Hatun watches them embrace and can see that Bala and Osman love each other very much.

Back at the Kayi nomad Bala is introduced to Malhun Hatun who she knows helped to save her husbands life. The two women seem to have mutual respect for each other and although Bala Hatun knows she is the daughter of a respected Bey she wonders why she has travelled to the Kai nomad. Selcan Hatun believes that it is in God’s plan.

Osman ponders over why Targun wanted his chest of documents and specifically came to his tent to steal them. Osman already knows that there is a traitor in the tribe. At this time he suspects Idris who secretly stabbed Bamsi Bey in the back and got away with it. He also suspects the two Roman merchants who have been sent by the Pope.

Osman checks up on Bamsi Bey in his tent and finds his suspect Idris is in his tent. With Idris listening Osman sets up Idris with information he wants to get back to Aya Nickola. He tells Bamsi Bey about his meeting with Lord Yorgo. He knows that if Idris is the traitor he will take this information back to Aya Nickola.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles, Gonca has recovered from her injury. She has been taken care of in the healing tent until her wounds healed . Gonca returns to her duties alongside Bala at the soup kitchen in the Sogut Marketplace.

At the Kai nomad, Bala organises a guest tent for Malhun Hatun. Malhun Hatun admires the workmanship of the rugs on her tent wall. You can feel a little jealousy when Bala talks to Malhun Hatun. She knows Malhun Hatun has no husband. Malhun Hatun tells Bala that she has had suitors but unless she loves the man she is to marry then she will remain single. Bala Hatun tells her to continue looking for him thinking that she does not want Malhun Hatun to set her heart on her husband.

Malhun Hatun finishes their conversation by telling Bala that she is a daughter of a Bey and she will only marry a Bey! Bala remembers Osman telling her the same thing when he referred to choosing a second wife.

Savci Bey and his men were ambushed by Flatyos while they were looking for Bamsi Bey. As dusk approaches they make their way to a hidden cave which is situated nearby. Inside the cave Savci and his Alps wait for dawn knowing that Flatyos will be waiting for them to come out of hiding.

Aygul and Cerkutay begin to develop a relationship. Cerkutay flirts with her and she enjoys it.

At Inegol Castle, Aya Nickola is educated on the woman he saw who attacked him. He is told that Malhun Hatun comes from royal line of Turks that have been continually attacked by Geyhatu. They are a feared Turkish tribe who are looking for new lands and are considering joining Osman. This alliance will strengthen Osman’s force against the christians and help his dream of joining the Turks together under one flag. Aya Nickola does not want these new Turkish settlers to make their home in Sogut and become a greater force against him.

In the quiet of the night, Osman spends some quality time with Sheikh Edebali. They are joined by Bala. Sheikh Edebali encourages Osman to lead his tribe from darkness into the light. Sheikh Edebali tells Osman that Turkish people are in trouble not only from the Mongols but Turks and Muslims are fighting each other. He has found out that Damascus is in turmoil, Aleppo is burning, Baghdad is in an uprising and so is Anatolia. He has seen the living wishing that they were dead.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles, Sheikh Edebali warns him that if you have no unity and ill health, what does it matter even if you are a Sultan. A throne is not what matters but a State whereby there is an order for them to follow does matter. Osman declares that he will give them a glorious State to live in.

Osman tells the Sheikh that he will also offer the Turks that are running away from the Mongols a home to settle in safety. Sheikh Edebali tells Osman that if he offers land for them to graze their live stock and safety for them to raise their families, then he will have his army of Turks to help build the State.

Aya Nickola is also aware that the Turks are scattered all over Anatolia. He does not want them to join forces with Osman. He plans a way of attack.

Meanwhile back at the cave where Savci is still hiding from Flatyos, their hunger is dealt with by Cerkutay who lightens their night by providing food stolen from the christian soldiers. It soon will be dawn.

Malhun Hatun is yet to reveal to Osman or Bala why she is in Sogut. She tells her Alps that she wants their eyes open and wants to know everything that is going on in the nomad and in Sogut.

Dundar Bey has betrayed Osman. He gave no resistance when Targun Hatun and her Alps entered the nomad and Osman’s tent. Targun took Dundar Bey hostage with her but this was to ease the suspicion on him. He is still nervous that Osman might find out. This would mean death for Dundar Bey.

Dundar Bey knows that Idris knows everything. If Idris talks he will tel that Dundar Bey has betrayed him once more. Dundar Bey will be looking for any opportunity to kill Idris.

Bala knows that Osman will soon choose a new wife. Just the thought of it makes Bala sad. Osman tells her that she will always be the only woman he loves whatever happens. Bala wishes she could feel comfortable when she thinks of Malhun Hatun. She feels that she is going to cause trouble between Osman and herself.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles, That evening Osman creeps into their tent and combs his wife’s hair as he embraces her.

Malhun Hatun has an audience with Osman. She tells him that she has come on behalf of her father to see if settling in his land would be good for them. So far all she has seen is fighting and her tribe are not people that want to move into troubled lands. Her tribe consists of 10,000 men and their herds are many. She asks Osman whether he can handle a tribe this large?

Osman replies that this is not the time nor the place to ask these questions. Bala listens to their conversation and watches as Osman will not allow himself to be questioned by Malhun Hatun.

Idris after learning that Osman will be having an alliance with Lord Koyunhisar Yorgo goes to Aya Nickola. He is unaware that Osman has set them up. Petrus the Roman merchant, plans to make an alliance with Geyhatu in the hope that Geyhatu will be able to stop Osman becoming stronger. If Osman finds out that the roman merchants are christian traitors he will execute them.

Savci emerges from the cave the next morning and confront Flatyos and his soldiers. It is a savage battle and Bayhoca gets the opportunity to fight with Flatyos after Flatyos tortured him in Inegol Castle. Flatyos is made to retreat back to Inegol Castle after many of his soldiers are killed.

At the Sogut marketplace, Bala and Gonca serve the poor and needy at their soup kitchen. They are joined by Malhun Hatun. Bala takes offence that Malhun Hatun has come to Sogut to check out the her soup kitchen.

The previous evening, Malhun Hatun had made Osman angry questioning him and Bala tells her that she had no right to do so. Malhun Hatun dismisses Bala and tells her that it was business between Bey’s suggesting that Bala was not as important. Bala does not like her attitude.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles, Osman arrives in Sogut and brings Sheikh Edebali to a large building suitable to teaching Dervish principles to many young people. The mansion will be open to both Mongols and Turks. Sheikh Edebali accepts the new accommodation on behalf of God.

Dundar Bey leaves the Kayi nomad in search of Idris with the intent on killing him before he talks to Osman. He believes he is in Sogut.

Idris at this time is with Aya Nickola at Inegol Castle. Idris gives him the information that he heard Osman had met with Lord Kununhisar Yorgo. Aya Nickola now believes that Lord Kununhisar Yorgo is a traitor. Aya Nickola entertains Lord Kunuhisar Yorgo at dinner. He knows that Osman has met with him. Aya Nickola slits his throat at the dining table.

At Targun’s camp, Goktug sets fire to Targun’s funeral pyre. Goktug still remains with the Kuman Turks knowing that they have an alliance with Aya Nickola. The Kuman Turks swear vengeance on the Kayi tribe.

The Roman merchants demand compensation for their goods which where stolen and which were guaranteed by Osman. They demand a Court hearing. Although there is no judge in Sogut, Osman tells them that Sheikh Edebali will be their judge.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles, At the Kayi nomad, drums herald the arrival of Savci after his battle with Flatyos. They carry three bodies home for burial. They are heralded as martyrs and draped in the new flag of the Turks .

In the meantime Osman is in Sogut and receives the news that Idris has been to see Aya Nickola and he is on his way to Sogut. Osman awaits for his arrival. He chases him through the streets of Sogut and catches him. He demands to know who gave him his orders. Idris has not enough time to tell him that it was Dundar Bey. He is shot with an assassins arrow. Idris does manage to tell him that he works for the same person who has betrayed Osman before.

Aya Nickola receives an urgent summons from the Emperor to come to Constantinople. It is a summons that he cannot refuse.

Kurulus Osman English


Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 46 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2021-02-17