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Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles

Alisar Bey has arrived at the Kais village to arrest Osman after finding out at Kuluchaiser Castle that Osman had killed Commander Kalonos. Sofia has made a confidante in Alisar Bey and asks him to go to the Kais and bring back Osman to be punished.

The Kais have been suspicious of Alisar Bey who should have had their best interest at heart but they are finding out that he may not be show them as much allegiance as he should.

Osman asks Alisar Bey how he knew that Kalonos was dead. He told them that he was at the castle when the news arrived but he did not tell them that he was wining and dining Sofia at the time.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles, Osman willingly allows himself to be arrested and led out of the nomad tent to be taken to Hisar Castle to stand trial.

On the road to the castle Osman’s Alps rescue Osman from the hands of Alisar Bey. He will not allow any of the guards to be killed and sets them all free.

Bamsi Bey converts Prince Salvador to the muslim faith and now he has to forgive him for killing his son. In the end Bamsi has to set him free. (Is Prince Salvador just saving his bacon? We will have to wait to see the outcome.)

Master Yannis tells Sofia that he has learnt that Alisar Bey is interested in Sheik Edebali’s daughter Bala Hatun. Yannis will use this information to his benefit.

There is a gold shipment sent by Mongols in Konya . This gold has been taken from turks and is being sent to Alisar Bey. The gold which belongs to turks should belong to turks, says Osman. Osman knows that Alisar Bey will keep the gold for himself. He sends Abdurrahman Gazi to bring him the shipment gold.

Alisar Bey pays Bala Hatun a visit in the new bazaar. He tries to flirt with her but she puts him in his place and when he is told that Osman escaped his guards he is enraged. When Bala Hatun asks for news of Osman and asks her father for information regarding him, Edebali tells her to mind her own business.

Cunningly Alisar Bey is playing Sofia. He has offered her Osman and trade but he hasn’t told her that Osman has escaped him. Neither one has to wait very long before they see Osman. He has come to them. He rides into Hisar Castle with his Alps and Prince Salvador and makes a real statement by his presence.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles, He surrenders to Alisar Bey’s justice but finds Alisar Bey ready to kill him.

Sofia is trapped. She refuses to acknowledge that she knows Prince Salvador. Osman reminds her that it was under her orders that Prince Salvador attacked the bazaar and killed all that were in there. She calls Osman a liar but Prince Salvador stands up for Osman and tells Alisar Bey that he is prepared to go to a hidden place and retrieve all the gold and loot that they took from the bazaar the night they raided it.

Alisar Bey is put in a position that he has to take action. He arrests Sofia to go to trial but Sofia will not go without a fight and she is really lucky that she wasn’t killed. Osman very nearly takes her head off with his sword.

As Sofia is led away to the dungeons she swears she will get revenge.

At the travellers Inn Abdurrahman Gazi and his Alps arrive to take the gold off the Mongols. The Mongols are quickly subdued and killed. The gold is rescued. Samsa Bey swears that Alisar Beys day of reckoning will come also.

Alisar Bey tries to talk his way out of any allegiance to Sofia but Osman knows that he lies. Osman tells him that neither Sofia nor her father Yannis will rule Turkish land. Alisar Bey placates Osman and tells him that he is counted as his brother but all indications point to Alisar Bey being loyal to the infidels and mongols and not to the turks.

Alisar Bey takes one more step towards forbidden territory where Osman is concerned. He tells him that he knows that he loves Bala Hatun and his offer of marriage was turned down by Edebali. What he doesn’t tell him is that he wants her too.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles, The news that the Mongol gold was stolen sends Alisar Bey into a rage. Osman quietly smirks hearing the news knowing his Alps had been successful in their mission.

At the travellers Inn Alisar Bey learns from a mute peasant that the Kais were responsible for stealing his gold. What he doesn’t know is that the peasant was in the employ of Master Yannis.

Sofia escapes from the dungeon after a weapon was placed in her food. She is aided by Nezmettin and escapes by dressing like a man and carrying rolls of carpet on her shoulders.


Bala Hatun gets an invitation from Osman to meet with him. She willingly goes against her father to see him.

The sight of the smile on her face delights Osman. He tells her, “Your smile is beautiful.”

Bala tells him of her worries that another suitor may come forward to her father while she waits for Osman. Osman makes sure she knows that her name is written on his heart and he will not allow any other man to be her lover. He gives her a blue scarf to wear on her head to remind her of his vow.

Osman understands that Bala has been forbidden to see him but he tells her not to be afraid. She is his and only his.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles, Sheik Edebali finds out that Bala disobeyed him. He will not forgive her easily.

Prince Salvador is disturbed and frightened to be told that he will have to be circumcised. He is also given another name Ebubekir Siddik.

Osman will distribute the mongol gold destined for Alisar Bey to the poor. Muslim and infidel alike will get a share of the loot.

Master Yannis fools Alisar Bey into thinking that he is a clairvoyant . Master Yannis tells him that he goes by the name of Abdul. Alisar Bey is unaware that Yannis and Abdul are the same person nor that he is Sofia’s father.

Osman waits for the day that Sheik Edebali gives him Bala as his bride. At the moment he cannot see a future without her beside him.

The next day Dundar Bey gives new duties to Gunduz, Osman and Batur Bey. He assigns Batur Bey to rule over the Alps in the village. He assigns Osman as head in setting up the new nomad for Kais and their families who have been travelling with Ertugrul Gazi. Osman accepts the assignment happily. He would like to take them to the mountains.

Alisar Bey is not happy. His new clairvoyant, Master Yannis/ Abdul has told him that the Kais were responsible for stealing his gold. He has no idea that Yannis he is Sofia’s father. Alisar hands out gold to his guards with an orders them to kill as many Kais that can as a punishment.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles, Gunduz prepares for his new job. He has been put in charge of getting the Kais goods to the bazaar.

the mongol gold is distributed happily to the villagers and just like Robin Hood they awake to find bags of gold coins on their doorstep.

Osman rides out into the countryside and raises his voice into the air. He speaks to himself and God. His words are as follows:-

“I swore a long time ago. Maybe even before I was born that Osman will put his seal on the world and carve his name into it. They call me a child but those who call me this do not know the magic that flows in my veins. I am not running but just walking . When the time comes Black Osman will have all the Lords in this country waiting at my doorstep.”


Osman promises to take Bala Hatun as his wife and turn his tent into a rose garden. He swears he will not back down nor will he bow down to anyone other than his God.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles, He empowers himself with confidence and climbs into the saddle of his horse. Hehis head in victorious dominance of the journey he has before him.

Alisar Bey makes a journey to the house of Sheik Edebali. He has one thing on his mind, Bala.
He at first tells Edebali that he wants to unite the two tribes. The bond he requires to keep the two tribes together is Bala Hatun.

Alisar has a vision that he will have the daughters of the three most powerful men in Sogut and this way he will be cementing his dominance in the region. He already has Sofia on his side . Osman for one does not want Aygul to marry Alisar Bey but when Osman hears that he wants Bala as well there will be blood shed. He will not let this happen.

Gunduz and his Alps are ambushed taking the tribes goods to the bazaar. Gunduz is critically injured when he suffers four arrows to his body. The attackers are the men that Alisar Bay has sent out to kill as many Kais as they can. The attempted murder of Gunduz may mean war. He will be avenged.


Gunduz is carried back to the Kai Village and into his tent. He is cared for by his wife and Selcan Hatun. Osman and Dundar Bey are enraged by the sight of Gunduz clinging onto life by a thread.

The conversation between Sheik Edebali and Alisar Bey continues. Alisar Bey believes that with an alliance between the Ahis and himself they would monopolise the trading industry in the land and with the added bonus of Bala Hatun the deal would be sealed.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles, He tells him that Bala’s beautiful spirit is destined for a monastery and is not suitable for Alisar Bey. He refuses the deal but is told by Alisar to continue to think about it.

Gunduz remains alive. Osman investigates who attacked his brother. He is told by his Alps that it was an ambush with arrows and there was nothing they could do to save him. They didn’t even see a face.

Dundar Bey, Osman and Batur Bey believe that the assassins could only be from Alisar Bey.

Osman leaves the Kayi village to investigate the attack on his brother. He believes that Alisar Bey is paying the Kais back after finding out that they stole his gold.

He charges his Alps with courage and leads them out of the tribe at a gallop.

Episode Title: Kurulus Osman Episode 9 English Subtitles

Air Date: 2020-02-05