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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 8 English

Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 8 English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV, Watch for free, Resurrection Dirilis ErtugrulSeason 1 Episode 8 Youtube

Crossroads! Ertuğrul and his alps are trying their best to get rid of the trap they were drawn into. It is their first target to hold accountable those who have damaged the scales of justice and stolen the dignity of the law in Aleppo. The setbacks they will encounter on this difficult path; It comes over them like growing and rising waves. But the determination of Ertuğrul and the alps to fight is not destroyed. Halime; He tries to make sense of what happened in the palace where he opened his eyes. Halime is not the only person who has difficulty in understanding the situation they are in. The situation is not easily acceptable for Leyla, who does not know how to approach this mysterious girl that the nanny suddenly placed in her room. Halime and Numan; they have somehow fallen into the lap of the intricate palace intrigues that they have escaped for years. There are developments that make Numan question his first decision regarding Halime’s health, and Numan attempts to keep his daughter away from the dangerous, snake-like corridors of the Aleppo Palace. But the steps he will take to remove Halime; He will be stuck with a name he will never think of. Süleymanşah and his entourage are surrounded from the entrance of Aleppo. Süleymanşah, who is stuck in his shelter, wants to see the situation in Aleppo. According to the news from there, he will draw a road map for both himself and Kayılar. The migration convoy led by Gündoğdu and Selcan is on its way. Kayı Obası, of those waiting for them in Aleppo; Gündoğdu, on the other hand, is unaware that the hope of a son that shines the light in his eyes is no longer growing in Selcan’s stomach. Ertuğrul, who learned that Halime is in the palace; as always at the crossroads. People waiting for help in danger; Or will he choose to save Halime? Again, Ertuğrul bears both the fate of an oba and the grief of a love.

Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 8 English Subtitles Free Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 8 English Subtitles Free.

Episode Title: Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 8 English Subtitles Free

Air Date: 2015-02-04