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Payitaht Abdulhamid: Season 5

Season 5 begins with Ferid Pasha becoming the Grand Vizier. Sultan Abdülhamid’s older brother Murad V passes away, leaving behind an heir that will take his place in the Freemasons, which he left in his will in the form of a composition. Ahmed, İsmail and Selim Pasha were ordered to follow that man on a train to Thessaloniki, but he gets killed. Since a meeting for the Masons was held in Thessaloniki around that time, either one of them could have been the Mason Pasha. All three Pashas were questioned. İsmail and Ahmed Pasha called each other the traitor.

The season and series ends with Sultan Abdülhamid’s dream of walking down a long hall seeing the great pervious Ottoman rulers. The rulers shown were Suleiyman the Lawgiver, Mehmed the Conqueror, and finally, Osman Gazi. Each ruler gives a short message to Abdülhamid. The final scene shows Abdülhamid standing in front of a painting of himself in the hall.