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Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle

Although Mithat Sargon is seeking for fresh plans and new ambitions in Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle on KayiFamilyTV, Pence Timi is prepared to give his life for the sake of thousands of innocent people. On the other hand, Ali is able to discover the identity of Atilla’s murderer due to Nadia. Mithat.

The challenging assignment that awaits Timothy

Pence Timi, who intervened to put a halt to Ahtapot’s brutal operation, found himself in a fairly precarious position as a result of his actions. Yet, every single member of the crew was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice yesterday in order to save the lives of thousands of individuals who had done nothing wrong.

Berna and Sedef at the goalkeeper Mithat’s position in Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle on KayiFamilyTV

Berna is going to be murdered by Mithat Sargon, who will not stop trying to take the lives of anybody who he perceives to be a danger to his own survival. Amy will be the one to carry out the plot. It is not yet clear if he will get into problems for himself or for Berna as a result of this behaviour. Target is another term for the objective that Sargon is working towards. Sedef, on the other hand, has a very different strategy in mind to eliminate the danger as rapidly as possible.

Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle on KayiFamilyTV

When it comes down to it, how will Mithat and Nadia resolve their argument?

Nadia, who is going to confront Mithat, has prepared herself by taking safety measures since she is certain that Mithat won’t respond to her invitation on her own, but Mithad is highly familiar with Nadia. As Mithat and Nadia come into conflict with each other, what do you think will happen? in Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle on KayiFamilyTV

Ali discovers the identity of the person who killed Atilla!

In order for Mithat Sargon to recover his reputation at Ahtapot, he will not be reluctant to set up significant games. When Captain Ali finds out through Nadia that Mithat is the one who killed Atilla, he confronts Mithat with a wrath that is far more intense than it was before. They will take against Mithat in a game that will include Nadia and involve a fair amount of complexity. But, the cockroaches’ tails will fold in on themselves, and as a consequence of the job, they will be put in a very precarious position in Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle on KayiFamilyTV.

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Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle

Serie: Al Sancak

Episode Title: Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitle

Air Date: 2023-03-17