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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 127 English

Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 127 English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV, Watch for free, Resurrection Dirilis ErtugrulSeason 5 Episode 127 Youtube

In the daytime, thanks to Irene, he got rid of Ilbilge and went to the castle. Ertuğrul defeated Kara Bela and his men, but Black Bela killed himself without talking about Dragos. In addition to the chest and the key, Turgut had asked Evdokya to take the necklace with the secret about Dragos and take it to the tekfur and learn the secret inside. Upon all these issues, Emir Bahaeddin came to the inn and asked Ertuğrul to bring Gündüz to trial. Covan, who informed the Ertuğruls of Gündüz’s location, was killed by Dragos so that it would not be disclosed. Bamsı, who came to the place where he was killed, was also stabbed and injured by Dragos. Turgut met with Tekfur and entrusted the necklace to him to find the secret in the necklace. Tekfur, on the other hand, was killed by Lais as soon as he learned this secret. Ertugrul, Tekfur was killed, He learned that Gündüz was kept in the castle. Thereupon, he went to the castle to meet with Lais and Lais asked him for a ransom for Gündüz. At the same time, İlbilge, who wanted to take Gündüz as a ransom, had come here…

What will be Gündüz’s fate in the castle? Will Ertuğrul be able to save Gündüz from Lais and İlbilge? What will Ilbilge do to seize Gündüz? How will Ertuğrul play against everyone? What will be Ertuğrul’s move? Why did Selcan and his son come to the camp? With their arrival, what will happen next? What will be Dragos’ move against Ertuğrul? What will be the consequences of Emir Bahaeddin’s presence in Söğüt?

Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 127 English Subtitles Free Watch Free on KayiFamilyTV, Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Episode 127 English Subtitles Free.


Episode Title: Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 127

Air Date: 2018-12-12